Name: Dertona

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B5

Color image of immediate environs of Dertona

Even though Dertona is a crossroads, the map represents it without a symbol, and the result is predictably clumsy. Distance figures for two of the four directions from it are missing. Compare Tamannvna Mvnicipivm et Castellvm (1C2) and Z[.]gaza[.]na (7C1).

Onward stretches:

  • (no distance figure) Iria
    • Although this long (4.25 ins/11 cm) stretch lacks a distance figure, "Adertona Iria" is written along it at the start.
    • River crossing: Fl. Tigtila (river, no. 14)
  • (no distance figure) Libarnvm

Previous stretches: