Name: Libarnvm

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B5

Color image of immediate environs of Libarnvm

Onward stretch:

  • XVI? (16?) Genva
    • ItAnt 294,5 lists the Genva-Libarnvm distance as XXXVI. Originally, therefore, in all likelihood it was this figure which straddled that stretch on the map (to fit it along the stretch after the name Libarnvm, by contrast, would be a tight fit). Eventually, however, a copyist took the first XX to be the beginning of the distance figure for Adfiglinas. So its distance figure became XXVII instead of VII, and that of Libarnvm XVI instead of XXXVI; even so, the XVI continued to be placed on a slant. ItMiller (see lithograph, col. 29) overlooks the continuation of route linework down left from Libarnvm towards the start of the Adfiglinas stretch. Perhaps this was never more than a slip or embellishment. If a route stretch continuing to Adfiglinas was intended, however, then there is indeed no distance figure, and the break of linework to accommodate the distance figure for Hasta is unusual (but compare the clear instance under Amavante, 9C1). On the other hand, to judge by BAtlas 39 D5, it would in fact be more accurate to represent the route from Libarnvm to Genva as passing through Adfiglinas rather than proceeding direct.

Previous stretch: