Name: [ - ? - ]ndesina

Feature type: symbol C1, named

Segment grid: 1A5

Color image of immediate environs of [ - ? - ]ndesina

A crease in the parchment leaves the beginning of the name illegible (no more than one or two letters ?).

It is uncertain whether the name is to be associated with the symbol. If not (as Miller seems to assume), then the identification of the symbol is one puzzle, and the route on which [ - ? - ]ndesina lies another; the distance figure to [ - ? - ]ndesina must also be missing, along with route linework.

There is a case for associating name and symbol, however. For such a name to be written aslant is unusual, but not without parallel (compare Elymaide, 11C4), and there may have been concern to keep its start clear of the route linework immediately top left. Equally, for a distance figure to follow such a name, rather than being placed on the relevant route stretch, is an arrangement found elsewhere.

Onward stretch:

  • xvi (16)
    • The linework for this stretch is not marked.

Previous stretches: