Name: Ad Renvm

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2A5

Color image of immediate environs of Ad Renvm

In fact the R. Rhine passes west of Brigantium, so a station with this name is not to be expected on a route proceeding east from there. There seems no knowing whether the slip is just the misreading of a name, or whether more serious confusion has somehow developed. A combination of the two is even possible. ItAnt (237,5 and 251,3) omits Ad Renvm, but gives the distance from Arbor Felix to BRIGANTIO as 20, which could match Arbor Felix X to Ad Renvm IX to BRIGANTIO. ItAnt (251,2) also gives the distance from BRIGANTIO to Vemania as 24, which matches the map's combined distance figures of VIIII + XV.

The fundamental mistake may be misplacement of BRIGANTIO and its symbol, as well as the course of the Fl. Renvs from its source to the lake.

Onward stretch:

  • XV (15) Vemania
    • The start of this stretch is not marked.
    • River crossing: Fl. Renvs (river, no. 2A)

Previous stretch: