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  • Guess What! American English

    Are you ready to explore?

    Guess What! American English is a highly visual six-level course that taps into children's natural curiosity.

    This course takes young learners on a journey to explore the world as they learn English. This highly visual six-level course taps into children's natural curiosity and sparks their interest through content-based topics, beautiful photography, and captivating video. The focus on functional language provides learners with the tools they need to use English in and outside of school, while lively stories prepare them for success in life with social values.

    Product Details

    Authors: Susannah Reed, Lesley Koustaff, Kay Bentley
    CEFR Levels: A1 - A2

      Key Features  

    Explore topics children want to learn by inspiring their interest in the world with photography, adventure stories, and video documentaries.
    Build speaking confidence through socially useful language, lively songs and chants to make learning enjoyable and memorable.
    Ensure exam success with resources on Cambridge One, along with a syllabus based on the Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners.

    Guess What! American English is part of a learning experience that could only come from Cambridge

    It's shaped by unique insights from our extensive research and expertise, all to enable teachers to do what they do best - teach - and learners to reach their full potential.


    Are you ready to explore? 

    Beautiful photography, captivating video, and interest-grabbing CLIL-based topics take English learners on a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery.

    Tapping into natural curiosity to spark interest

    Children are full of questions and naturally curious about the world around them.

    • Through the power of beautiful photography in the Unit openers and Content lessons Guess What! taps into this curiosity and sparks interest in topics from across the curriculum.

    • Captivate learners' attention with video featuring fascinating parts of our world, presented by young, dynamic presenters.

    Take a closer look

    Language needs to be meaningful

    Guess What! supports language production by providing tools for interpersonal and academic communication, focusing on BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Langauge Proficiency):

    • Functional mini-dialogues, 'Talk time', teach natural conversation skills in English;

    • Content (CLIL) lessons teach subject specific language.


    All your digital tools in one place

    Guess What! Digital Packs for teachers and students on Cambridge One include:

    • Presentation Plus - class presentation tool with interactive Student's Book and all of the other components

    • Practice Extra - an intuitive learning path with bite-sized additional practice activities, games, Brain Breaks and motivating rewards

    • Test Generator - unit, level and skills tests at various levels of difficulty

    Improve proficiency across content areas

    The topics are selected from the common subjects in the wider primary curriculum. Each level builds on the cross-curricular content of the previous levels in order to systematically develop children's knowledge.

    ● Content lessons improve proficiency across content areas while the accompanying video documentaries improve understanding and listening skills.

    ● Project at the end of each content lesson consolidate children’s subject knowledge and language skills in a creative way, helping to develop creative thinking.

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    Materials that spark interest and support learning 

    Children are natural explorers. They have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them and are eager to learn and talk about topics that interest them. Guess What! taps to children's natural curiosity and creates opportunities for meaningful communication by providing stimulating visuals, topics and language tools.

    Achievable challenges are motivating

     Experimenting with language is an important part of learning making the achievement of success all the greater. Guess What! ensures learning opportunities are plentiful, clear and targeted.

    Syllabus you can trust

    Guess What! language and skills are benchmarked to the international standards of Starters and Movers supporting learners who wish to sit the international tests.                                                                                                                

    Meaningful, socially useful language

    Because many learners have limited exposure to English, opportunities for communication need to be engaging and meaningful. Guess What! provides children with both academic and socially useful language so that learners can apply it to their daily situations st achool and in the playground.

    Visual Learning and Curiosity

    Strong impactful images trigger curiosity and encourage the learner to find out more. By building on prior knowledge and expanding out to the wider world the child develops a deeper appreciation of their world and a reason to learn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


    Nourishing natural curiosity, nourishing a drive to learning 

    By activating curiosity through powerful thought-provoking imagery we provide Better Learning opportunities. Ensuring the language and tasks are manageable but challenging will help increase the learners' motivation and provide a Better environment for learning.

    Motivating learners through meaningful and socially useful language

    By making the language and tasks meaningful to the child's reality by differentiating between social and academic language we aim to provide better motivation.                                              

    Developing social skills for success in life

    Stories are a powerful vehicle to stimulate children's imagination and to illustrate social values. The adventure stories in Guess What! prepare children for success in life by teaching them collaboration, communication, responsibility and respect towards the others and the world.

      What teachers and learners say  

      What teachers  

      and learners say  

    Susannah Reed

    Co-author, United Kingdom

    "'The underlying aim in teaching young learners will always be to help them develop their personalities and equip them with the tools they need to be successful in life. Modern teaching materials need to help children explore and discover their place in the wider world.'"

    Lesley Koustaff

    Series Editor, United Kingdom

    "'I hope that the minds of the students using Guess What! will be captured by its varied and stimulating content.'"

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