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  • Super Minds American English

    Are you ready to become one of the Super Minds?

    Written by a highly respected author team, Super Minds, a seven-level course for young learners, has been carefully crafted to help your students achieve their full potential. Whilst exploring social values, the course methodically enhances your students' thinking skills and creativity. Engaging characters accompany learners on their journey, each with special powers. As the students grow, so do the characters, and new faces are introduced every two levels. As the students grow, so do the characters, and new faces are introduced every two levels.

    Product Details

    Authors: Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross, Peter Lewis-Jones
    CEFR Levels: A1 - B1

      Key Features  

    Develop children’s critical and creative thinking skills, through questions and activities that focus on both life and language skills.
    Help your young learners understand English in the context of other subjects they’re learning about, through Think and Learn CLIL content.
    Ensure pupils learn relevant vocabulary, through a syllabus that follows Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers and A2 Key for Schools.

    Super Minds American English is part of a learning experience that could only come from Cambridge

    It's shaped by unique insights from our extensive research and expertise, all to enable teachers to do what they do best - teach - and learners to reach their full potential.


    Materials that develop lifelong skills 

    Children are more than just language learners. This is why in Super Minds you will find a whole range of activities that support children’s language learning alongside lifelong skills such as thinking, creativity and social values.

    Developing thinking skills

    The "Learn and think" sections actively develop thinking skills and improve proficiency. The activities explore other subject areas such as maths, science and music, and challenge children to apply their knowledge to hands-on Projects. These activities not only develop useful skills such as problem solving and logical thinking but also lead to meaningful language production.

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    Exploring social values

    Learning to interact with others is an important part of young learners’ education. Lively stories, and CLIL, encourage learners to explore social values and enable children to reflect on their behaviour in similar situations.

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    Expressing creativity

    Experimenting with language is the first step to expressing creative ideas. Super Minds provides children with support and opportunities to use language in a playful yet communicative way through unique visualisation activities, drama, arts and crafts that nurture creativity.

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    Easy-to-use digital tools

    Whether you wish to captivate learners' attention with interactive content, find all your teaching resources in one place or track your learners' progress online, the Super Minds digital package has all the tools you need: 

    • Presentation Plus classroom software with interactive Pupil's Book, Activity Book, teacher resources and the complete audio and video content - ideal for use with a projector or a smartboard
    • Online Resources in the Cambridge LMS offer automated marking, extra practice of grammar, vocabulary and skills
    • Student's Book DVD-ROM with animated stories, interactive games and activities, karaoke songs and more vocabulary and grammar practice
    • Interactive Student's Pack ebooks include interactive Pupil's Book, Activity Book and complete audio and video content - ideal for tablets and computers

    Find out more about Presentation Plus


    Pedagogy and language you can trust 

    Written by a highly respected author team and informed by international standards in teaching language to children, Super Minds is a young learner English programme designed to help you and your students achieve success. 

    Expert team of authors

    Super Minds pedagogy is strongly underpinned by the authors' deep understanding of the learning needs of this age group as well as extensive knowledge of good classroom practice and teaching challenges. These insights  helps us create a rewarding experience for you and your learners.

    Learn more about the approach from the authors

    Materials based on international standards

    The language and skills syllabus of Super Minds is built on Cambridge English: Young Learners, an internationally recognised benchmark for teaching children English. This syllabus is based on the latest research into language learning and teaching. This rigorous syllabus ensures that children learn the language and skills that are age-appropriate, relevant and paced to their abilities.


    A rewarding teaching and learning experience 

    Thanks to its unique approach Super Minds unlocks opportunities for every child to develop critical thinking, social skills and creativity and so reach their full learning potential.

    Strong teacher and student support

    Super Minds works for your individual teaching needs with its flexible content. Choose from core and optional materials as well as a wealth of extra practice for students, digital resources and extension ideas for teachers.

    • The Student's Book includes core and extra content, plus a range of additional practice activities on the Student's Book DVD-ROM.
    • Presentation Plus and Interactive DVD-ROM helps you engage children of all learning styles.
    • Students can build their language confidence with extra grammar support and additional online practice.
    • With the online Report Card and Testgenerator you can easily see where your students need more support.

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    Preparing for success at school and in life

    The CLIL and social values syllabi offer effective opportunities for every child to develop critical thinking, social skills and creativity to help them reach their full learning potential. What's more, captivating adventure stories appeal to children's imagination and inspire a lifelong love of reading.


    Evaluation tools

    Super Minds gives you the tools to measure your learners' progress regularly so you can see where they need your support most. There are customisable progress tests for the end of unit and end of term, in Standard and High difficulty options, and Cambridge English exam-type tests on the online Test Generator. You can also track learners' online work with the online Report Card in the Cambridge LMS.

      What teachers and learners say  

      What teachers  

      and learners say  

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