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Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions


  • 109 b/w illus. 54 colour illus. 9 tables
  • Page extent: 542 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.04 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 363.738/74
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: QC903 .R48 2011
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Climatic changes
    • Climatic changes--Government policy
    • SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Meteorology & Climatology--bisacsh

Library of Congress Record

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521198363)

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Providing an up-to-date synthesis of all knowledge relevant to the climate change issue, this book ranges from the basic science documenting the need for policy action to the technologies, economic instruments and political strategies that can be employed in response to climate change. Ethical and cultural issues constraining the societal response to climate change are also discussed. This book provides a handbook for those who want to understand and contribute to meeting this challenge. It covers a very wide range of disciplines - core biophysical sciences involved with climate change (geosciences, atmospheric sciences, ocean sciences, ecology/biology) as well as economics, political science, health sciences, institutions and governance, sociology, ethics and philosophy, and engineering. As such it will be invaluable for a wide range of researchers and professionals wanting a cutting-edge synthesis of climate change issues, and for advanced student courses on climate change.

• One-stop resource for an authoritative and up-to-date overview of human-caused climate change, its current and projected impacts on society and the public-policy options for mitigation and adaptation • Chapters contain 'expert boxes' on key issues that complement the book, providing the reader with unique insight into the types of research questions being asked today and how they are being addressed • In total, over 80 scientists have been involved in writing the book, providing a summary of understanding from a large number of scientists and scholars from across the broad range of disciplines relevant to climate change


List of contributors; Foreword; Preface; List of acronyms and abbreviations; Part I. Climatic Trends: 1. Identifying, monitoring and predicting change in the climate system; 2. The oceans and the climate system; 3. Sea level rise and ice sheet dynamics; 4. Carbon cycle trends and vulnerabilities; Part II. Defining 'Dangerous Climate Change': 5. The impact of climate change on human societies; 6. Impacts of climate change on the biotic fabric of the planet; 7. Tipping elements: jokers in the pack; 8. Linking science and action: targets, timetables and emission budgets; Part III. Equity Issues: 9. The equity challenge and climate policy: responsibilities, vulnerabilities and inequality in the response to climate change; 10. A long-term perspective on climate change: values and ethics; Part IV. Mitigation and Adaptation Approaches: 11. Low-carbon energy technologies as mitigation approaches; 12. Economic approaches and instruments; 13. Geopolitics and governance; 14. Adapting to the unavoidable; Part V. Meeting the Challenge: 15. Integrating adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development; 16. Mobilising the population; 17. The human-Earth relationship: past, present and future; Index.


Writing team: Katherine Richardson, Will Steffen, Diana Liverman, Terry Barker, Frank Jotzo, Dan Kammen, Rik Leemans, Tim Lenton, Mohan Munasinghe, Balgis Osman-Elasha, John Schellnhuber, Nicholas Stern, Coleen Vogel, Ole Wæver Contributors: Myles R. Allen, Giles Atkinson, Marilyn Averill, Jonathan Bamber, Paul M. Barker, Jørgen Bendtsen, Pam Berry, Roberto Bertollini, Nathaniel L. Bindoff, Edward Blandford, Sarah G. Bonham, Niel H. A. Bowerman, Maxwell Boykoff, Ronald D. Brunner, Gregory Buckman, Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Josep G. Canadell, Benjamin Cashore, Lynda Chambers, Nakul Chettrin, John A. Church, Kerry H. Cook, Paul Crutzen, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Peter Dann, Simon Dietz, Catia M. Domingues, Harry Dowsett, S. S. Drijfhout, Jeff R. Dunn, Hallie Eakin, Thomas Elmqvist, Matthew England, Polly Ericksen, Kirsten Findell, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Mette Kildegaard Graversen, Nicolas Gruber, Stephen J. Hall, Christian Pilegaard Hansen, Alan M. Haywood, Kieran P. Helm, Jennifer Helgeson, Cameron Hepburn, Daniel J. Hill, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Larry Horowitz, John Ingram, Arne Jacobson, Chris D. Jones, Peter Kanowski, Sylvia I. Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Lance Kim, Brigitte Knopf, Niels Elers Koch, Katrine Krogh Andersen, Paul Leadly, Timothy M. Lenton, Hiram Levy, II, Valerie N. Livina, Jason Lowe, Jens Friis Lund, Daniel J. Lunt, Amanda H. Lynch, Ariel Macaspac Penetrante, Omar Masera, Constance McDermott, Warwick J. McKibbin, Anthony J. McMichael, Anders Melin, Kevin J. Noone, Jørgen E. Olesen, Jisung Park, Donald Perovich, Per F. Peterson, Jonathan Pickering, Stefan Rahmstorf, V. Ramaswamy, Michael R. Raupach, Leanne Renwick, Johan Rockström, Dominic Roser, Minik Rosing, Håkon Sælen, Ulrich Salzmann, Marko Scholze, Thomas Schneider von Deimling, M. Daniel Schwarzkopf, Frances Seymour, Eklabya Sharma, Drew Shindell, Pete Smith, David A. Stainforth, Konrad Steffen, Martin Stendel, Hanne Strager, Carol Turley, Chris Turney, Paul J. Valdes, S. L. Weber, Neil J. White, Susan E. Wijffels, Mark Williams, Peter J. Wood, Jan Zalasiewicz, Robert J. Zomer

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