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A Critical Introduction to Mao


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521711548)

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Mao Zedong's political career spanned more than half a century. The ideas he championed transformed one of the largest nations on earth and inspired revolutionary movements across the world. Even today Mao lives on in China, where he is regarded by many as a near-mythical figure, and in the West, where a burgeoning literature continues to debate his memory. In this book, leading scholars from different generations and around the world offer a critical evaluation of the life and legacy of China's most famous - some would say infamous - son. The book brings the scholarship on Mao up to date, and its alternative perspectives equip readers to assess for themselves the nature of this mercurial figure and his significance in modern Chinese history.

• Engaging and comprehensive introduction for students and non-specialists to one of the most important political figures of the twentieth century • Notable and influential scholars from across the generations debate and discuss Mao's life, his work and his legacy • Complete with photographs, a map, a timeline and suggested readings


Part I. Mao's World: 1. Mao, revolution, and memory Timothy Cheek; 2. Making revolution in twentieth-century China Joseph Esherick; 3. From urban radical to rural revolutionary: Mao from the 1920s to 1937 Brantly Womack; 4. War, cosmopolitanism, and authority: Mao from 1937 to 1956 Hans J. van de Ven; 5. Consuming fragments of Mao Zedong: the chairman's final two decades at the helm Michael Schoenhals; 6. Mao and his followers Frederick C. Teiwes; 7. Mao, Mao Zedong thought, and communist intellectuals Hung-yok Ip; 8. Gendered Mao: Mao, Maoism, and women Delia Davin; 9. Mao the man and Mao the icon Daniel Leese; Part II. Mao's Legacy: 10. For truly great men, look to this age alone: was Mao Zedong a new emperor? Geremie Barme; 11. Recent Mao Zedong scholarship in China Xiao Yanzhong; 12. Third world Maoism Alexander Cook; 13. Mao's journeys to the west: meanings made of Mao Charles W. Hayford; 14. Two perspectives on Mao Zedong Jiang Yihua and Roderick MacFarquhar.


Timothy Cheek, Joseph Esherick, Brantly Womack, Hans J. van de Ven, Michael Schoenhals, Frederick C. Teiwes, Hung-yok Ip, Delia Davin, Daniel Leese, Geremie Barme, Xiao Yanzhong, Alexander Cook, Charles W. Hayford, Jiang Yihua, Roderick MacFarquhar

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