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Tropical Montane Cloud Forests


  • 291 b/w illus. 38 colour illus. 69 maps 140 tables
  • Page extent: 768 pages
  • Size: 276 x 219 mm
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  • Dewey number: 577.34
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: QH541.5.C63 T765 2010
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Cloud forest conservation
    • Cloud forest ecology
    • Cloud forests
    • Mountain ecology--Tropics

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521760355)

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Tropical Montane Cloud Forests
Cambridge University Press
9780521760355 - Tropical Montane Cloud Forests - Science for Conservation and Management - By L. A. Bruijnzeel, F. N. Scatena and L. S. Hamilton
Table of Contents


List of contributors
M. Kappelle
Part I    General perspectives
Section editors: L. A. Bruijnzeel, F. N. Scatena, and L. S. Hamilton
1         Setting the stage
F. N. Scatena, L. A. Bruijnzeel, P. Bubb, and S. Das
2         Modeling the tropics-wide extent and distribution of cloud forest and cloud forest loss, with implications for conservation priority
M. Mulligan
3         The climate of cloud forests
A. Jarvis and M. Mulligan
4         Changes in mist immersion
P. Foster
5         Ecology and ecophysiology of epiphytes in tropical montane cloud forests
P. Hietz
6         Global and local variations in tropical montane cloud forest soils
L. Roman, F. N. Scatena, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
7         Nutrient cycling and nutrient limitation in tropical montane cloud forests
J. Benner, P. M. Vitousek, and R. Ostertag
8         What is the state of tropical montane cloud forest restoration?
T. M. Aide, M. C. Ruiz-Jaen, and H. R. Grau
Part II   Regional floristic and animal diversity
Section editors: L. A. Bruijnzeel and L. S. Hamilton
9         Tropical montane cloud forests in Malaysia: current state of knowledge
S. Kumaran, B. Perumal, G. Davison, A. N. Ainuddin, M. S. Lee, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
10        Montane cloud forests on remote islands of Oceania: the example of French Polynesia (South Pacific Ocean)
J.-Y. Meyer
11        Tropical lowland cloud forest: a neglected forest type
S. R. Gradstein, A. Obregon, C. Gehrig, and J. Bendix
12        Altitudinal zonation and diversity patterns in the forests of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
A. Hemp
13        The outstandingly speciose epiphytic flora of a single strangler fig (Ficus crassiuscula) in a Peruvian montane cloud forest
D. J. Catchpole and J. B. Kirkpatrick
14        Comparative structure, pattern, and tree traits of laurel cloud forests in Anaga, northern Tenerife (Canary Islands) and in lauro-fagaceous forests of Central Japan
M. Ohsawa, T. Shumiya, I. Nitta, W. Wildpret, and M. del Arco
15        Temperature and humidity as determinants of the transition from dry pine forest to humid cloud forests in the Bhutan Himalaya
P. Wangda and M. Ohsawa
16        The importance of cloud forest sites in the conservation of endemic and threatened species of the Albertine Rift
I. Owiunji and A. J. Plumptre
17        The mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) and Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus): two charismatic, large mammals in South American tropical montane cloud forests
J. Cavelier, D. Lizcano, E. Yerena, and C. Downer
18        Cloud forests in East Africa as evolutionary motors for speciation processes of flightless Saltatoria species
C. Hemp
19        Diversity of geometrid moths in two Neotropical rain forests
G. Brehm
Part III  Hydrometeorology of tropical montane cloud forest
Section editor: L. A. Bruijnzeel
20        Hydrometeorological patterns in relation to montane forest types along an elevational gradient in the Yungas of Bolivia
M. Schawe, G. Gerold, K. Bach, and S. R. Gradstein
21        Structure and dynamics of tropical montane cloud forests under contrasting biophysical conditions in north-western Costa Rica
A. Häger and A. Dohrenbusch
22        Quantitative measures of immersion in cloud and the biogeography of cloud forests
R. O. Lawton, U. S. Nair, D. Ray, A. Regmi, J. A. Pounds, and R. M. Welch
23        Understanding the role of fog in forest hydrology: stable isotopes as tools for determining input and partitioning of cloud water in montane forests
M. Scholl, W. Eugster, and R. Burkard
24        Using stable isotopes to identify orographic precipitation events at Monteverde, Costa Rica
A. L. Rhodes, A. J. Guswa, and S. E. Newell
25        Using “biosensors” to elucidate rates and mechanisms of cloud water interception by epiphytes, leaves, and branches in a sheltered Colombian cloud forest
M. Mulligan, A. Jarvis, J. González, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
26        Water dynamics of epiphytic vegetation in a lower montane cloud forest: fog interception, storage, and evaporation
C. Tobón, L. Köhler, K. F. A. Frumau, L. A. Bruijnzeel, R. Burkard, and S. Schmid
27        Epiphyte biomass in Costa Rican old-growth and secondary montane rain forests and its hydrological significance
L. Köhler, D. Hölscher, L. A. Bruijnzeel, and C. Leuschner
28        Comparison of passive fog gages for determining fog duration and fog interception by a Puerto Rican elfin cloud forest
F. Holwerda, L. A. Bruijnzeel, and F. N. Scatena
29        Fog interception in a Puerto Rican elfin cloud forest: a wet-canopy water budget approach
F. Holwerda, L. A. Bruijnzeel, A. L. Oord, and F. N. Scatena
30        Fog gage performance under conditions of fog and wind-driven rain
K. F. A. Frumau, R. Burkard, S. Schmid, L. A. Bruijnzeel, C. Tobón, and J. C. Calvo-Alvarado
31        The wet-canopy water balance of a Costa Rican cloud forest during the dry season
S. Schmid, R. Burkard, K. F. A. Frumau, C. Tobón, L. A. Bruijnzeel, R. Siegwolf, and W. Eugster
32        Measured and modeled rainfall interception in a lower montane forest, Ecuador
K. Fleischbein, W. Wilcke, R. Goller, C. Valarezo, W. Zech, and K. Knoblich
33        Measuring cloud water interception in the Tambito forests of southern Colombia
J. González
34        Relationships between rainfall, fog, and throughfall at a hill evergreen forest site in northern Thailand
N. Tanaka, K. Kuraji, C. Tantasirin, H. Takizawa, N. Tangtham, and M. Suzuki
35        History of fog and cloud water interception research in Hawai'i
J. K. DeLay and T. W. Giambelluca
36        Interpreting canopy water balance and fog screen observations: separating cloud water from wind-blown rainfall at two contrasting forest sites in Hawai'i
T. W. Giambelluca, J. K. DeLay, M. A. Nullet, M. Scholl, and S. B. Gingerich
37        Historical background of fog water collection studies in the Canary Islands
M. V. Marzol-Jaén
38        Effects of fog on climatic conditions at a sub-tropical montane cloud forest site in northern Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
M. V. Marzol-Jaén, J. Sànchez-Megía, and G. García-Santos
Part IV   Nutrient dynamics in tropical montane cloud forests
Section editors: L. A. Bruijnzeel and F. N. Scatena
39        Spatial and temporal dynamics of atmospheric water and nutrient inputs in tropical mountain forests of southern Ecuador
R. Rollenbeck, J. Bendix, and P. Fabian
40        Fog deposition and chemistry in a sub-tropical montane cloud forest in Taiwan
S. C. Chang, C. F. Yeh, M. J. Wu, Y. T. Chen, Y. J. Hsia, C. P. Wang, and J. T. Wu
41        Fog and rain water chemistry in the seasonal tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna, south-west China
W. J. Liu, H. M. Li, Y. P. Zhang, C. M. Wang, and F. R. Meng
42        Spatial heterogeneity of throughfall quantity and quality in tropical montane forests in southern Ecuador
M. Oesker, J. Homeier, H. Dalitz, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
43        Effect of topography on soil fertility and water flow in an Ecuadorian lower montane forest
W. Wilcke, J. Boy, R. Goller, K. Fleischbein, C. Valarezo, and W. Zech
44        Human impacts on stream-water chemistry in a tropical montane cloud forest watershed, Monteverde, Costa Rica
A. L. Rhodes, A. J. Guswa, S. Dallas, E. M. Kim, S. Katchpole, and A. Pufall
45        Is there evidence for limitations to nitrogen mineralization in upper montane tropical forests?
W. L. Silver, A. W. Thompson, D. J. Herman, and M. K. Firestone
46        Fine root mass and fine root production in tropical moist forests as dependent on soil, climate, and elevation
D. Hertel and Ch. Leuschner
Part V    Cloud forest water use, photosynthesis, and effects of forest conversion
Section editors: L. A. Bruijnzeel and F. N. Scatena
47        Transpiration and microclimate of a tropical montane rain forest, southern Ecuador
T. Motzer, N. Munz, D. Anhuf, and M. Küppers
48        Physiological variation in Hawaiian Metrosideros polymorpha across a range of habitats: from dry forests to cloud forests
L. S. Santiago, T. J. Jones, and G. Goldstein
49        Environmental controls on photosynthetic rates of lower montane cloud forest vegetation in south-western Colombia
M. G. Letts, M. Mulligan, M. E. Rincón-Romero, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
50        Comparative water budgets of a lower and an upper montane cloud forest in the Wet Tropics of northern Australia
D. L. McJannet, J. S. Wallace, and P. Reddell
51        Effects of forest disturbance and regeneration on net precipitation and soil water dynamics in tropical montane rain forest on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
M. Schrumpf, H. V. M. Lyaruu, J. C. Axmacher, W. Zech, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
52        Changes in soil physical properties after conversion of tropical montane cloud forest to pasture in northern Costa Rica
C. Tobón, L. A. Bruijnzeel, K. F. A. Frumau, and J. C. Calvo-Alvarado
53        Hydrology and land-cover change in tropical montane environments: the impact of pattern on process
M. Mulligan, J. Rubiano, and M. Rincón-Romero
Part VI   Effects of climate variability and climate change
Section editors: L. A. Bruijnzeel and L. S. Hamilton
54        Meso-scale climate change due to lowland deforestation in the maritime tropics
M. K. van der Molen, H. F. Vugts, L. A. Bruijnzeel, F. N. Scatena, R. A. Pielke Sr., and L. J. M. Kroon
55        The impact of deforestation on orographic cloud formation in a complex tropical environment
U. S. Nair, D. K. Ray, R. O. Lawton, R. M. Welch, R. A. Pielke Sr., and J. Calvo-Alvarado
56        Meso-scale climate change in the central mountain region of Veracruz State, Mexico
V. L. Barradas, J. Cervantes-Pérez, R. Ramos-Palacios, C. Puchet-Anyul, P. Vázquez-Rodríguez, and R. Granados-Ramirez
57        Potential effects of global climate change on epiphytes in a tropical montane cloud forest: an experimental study from Monteverde, Costa Rica
N. M. Nadkarni
58        Climatic change impacts on tropical montane cloud forests: fire as a major determinant in the upper zones of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
A. Hemp
59        Historical 14C evidence of fire in tropical montane cloud forests in the Chimalapas region of Oaxaca, southern Mexico
Y. Wård, A. Malmer, and H. Asbjornsen
60        Biennial variation in tree diameter growth during eight years in tropical montane cloud forests on Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
S. Aiba, M. Takyu, and K. Kitayama
61        Modeling the dynamics of tropical montane cloud forest in central Veracruz, Mexico
N. Rüger, G. Williams-Linera, and A. Huth
Part VII  Cloud forest conservation, restoration, and management issues
Section editors: L. S. Hamilton, L. A. Bruijnzeel, and F. N. Scatena
62        Environmental history and forest regeneration dynamics in a degraded valley north-west Argentina's cloud Forests
H. R. Grau, J. Carilla, R. Gil-Montero, R. Villalba, E. Araoz, G. Masse, and M. de Membiela
63        Impact of deforestation and forest regrowth on vascular epiphyte diversity in the Andes of Bolivia
T. Krömer and S. R. Gradstein
64        Ecology and use of old-growth and recovering montane oak forests in the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica
D. Hölscher, L. Köhler, M. Kappelle, and Ch. Leuschner
65        Forest restoration in the tropical montane cloud forest belt of central Veracruz, Mexico
G. Williams-Linera, C. Alvarez-Aquino, and R. A. Pedraza
66        Ecological and social bases for the restoration of a High Andean cloud forest: preliminary results and lessons from a case study in northern Ecuador
S. Báez, K. Ambrose, and R. Hofstede
67        Biodiversity-based livelihoods in the ceja andina forest zone of northern Ecuador: multi-stakeholder learning processes for the sustainable use of cloud forest areas
R. Hofstede, K. Ambrose, S. Báez, and K. Cueva
68        Embracing epiphytes in sustainable forest management: a pilot study from the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
J. H. D. Wolf
69        Fire dynamics and community management of fire in montane cloud forests in south-eastern Mexico
H. Asbjornsen and Z. Garnica-Sánchez
70        Assessment needs to support the development of arrangements for Payments for Ecosystem Services from tropical montane cloud forests
S. S. Tognetti, B. Aylward, and L. A. Bruijnzeel
71        Conservation strategies for montane cloud forests in Costa Rica: the case of protected areas, payments for environmental services, and ecotourism
J. C. Calvo-Alvarado, G. A. Sánchez-Azofeifa, and A. Méndez
72        Tropical montane cloud forests: state of knowledge and sustainability perspectives in a changing world
L. A. Bruijnzeel, M. Kappelle, M. Mulligan, and F. N. Scatena

© Cambridge University Press
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