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The Metal-Rich Universe

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521879989)

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Metal-rich stars accumulate their metals from previous generations of stars, and so contain the history of their galaxy. By studying these stars we can gain valuable insights into how metals change the formation and evolution of stars, and explain the extraordinary massive star populations observed in the metal-rich region of our own galaxy. Observations of metal-rich regions have shown that stars hosting giant planets are generally metal-rich, which has triggered further observations of metal-rich stars. This has led to the discovery of new exoplanets, and advances in the study of planet formation and the late chemical evolution of galaxies. This book covers many aspects, from spectral line formation to stellar formation and evolution in high metallicity regimes. It is invaluable to researchers and graduate students in stellar evolution, extragalactic astronomy, and planet formation.

• The first book on the topic of metal-rich stars • Metal-rich stars are an emerging field in astrophysics, and are particularly interesting in the context of the study of exoplanets and planet formation, and also galaxy evolution • Includes recent results and observations of metal-rich star distributions in the Milky Way and beyond


Preface; Part I. Abundances in the Galaxy: Field Stars: 1. Metal-rich stars and stellar populations: A brief history and new results; 2. The metal-rich nature of stars with planets; 3. Solar chemical peculiarities; 4. Kinematics of metal-rich stars with and without planets; 5. Elemental abundance trends in the metal-rich thin and thick disks; 6. Metal-rich massive stars - how metal-rich are they?; 7. Hercules stream stars and the metal-rich thick disk; 8. Abundance survey of the galactic thick disk; Part II. Abundances in the Galaxy: Galactic Stars in Clusters, Bulges and Centre: 9. Galactic open clusters with super solar metallicities; 10. Old and very metal-rich open clusters in the BOCCE project; 11. Massive stars vs. nebular abundances in the Orion nebula; 12. Abundance surveys of metal-rich bulge stars; 13. Metal abundances in the galactic center; 14. Light elements in the galactic bulge; 15. Metallicity and ages of selected G-K giants; Part III. Observations - Abundances in Extragalactic Contexts: 16. Stellar abundances of early-type galaxies and galactic spheroids: Evidence for metal-rich stars; 17. Measuring chemical abundances in extragalactic metal-rich HII regions; 18. On the maximum oxygen abundance in metal-rich spiral galaxies; 19. Starbursts and their contribution to metal enrichment; 20. High metallicities at high redshifts; 21. Evolution of dust and elemental abundances in quasar DLAs and GRB afterglows as a function of cosmic time; 22. Dust, metals and diffuse interstellar bands in damped Lyman Alpha systems; 23. Tracing metallicities in the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope; Part IV. Stellar Populations and Mass Functions: 24. The stellar initial mass function of metal-rich populations; 25. IMF effects on the metallicity and colour evolution of disk galaxies; 26. The metallicity of circumnuclear star forming regions; 27. The stellar population of bulges; 28. The metallicity distribution of the stars in elliptical galaxies; 29. Wolf-Rayet populations at high metallicities; 30. The stellar populations of metal-rich starburst galaxies: the frequency of Wolf-Rayet stars; Part V. Physical Processes at High Metallicity: 31. Stellar winds from solar metallicity and metal-rich massive stars; 32. On the determination of stellar parameters and abundances of metal-rich stars; 33. Are WNL stars tracers of high metallicity?; 34. The observable metal-enrichment of radiation driven+wind-blown HII regions in the Wolf-Rayet stage; 35. Metal-rich A-type supergiants in M31; Part VI. Formation and Evolution of Metal-Rich Stars and Stellar Yields: 36. Massive star evolution at high metallicity; 37. Supernovae in galactic evolution: direct and indirect metallicity effects; 38. Progenitor evolution of Type I supernovae: evolution and implications for yields; 39. Star formation in the metal-rich universe; 40. Metallicity of solar-type main sequence stars: seismic tests; 41. Chemical abundance gradients in early-type galaxies; 42. Oxygen-rich droplets and the enrichment of the ISM; Part VII. Chemical and Photometric Evolution beyond Solar Metallicity: 43. Models of the solar vicinity: the metal-rich stage; 44. Chemical evolution models of ellipticals and bulges; 45. Chemical evolution of the galactic bulge; 46. How do galaxies get metal-rich? An examination of the yield problem; 47. Abundance patterns: thick and thin disks; 48. Formation and evolution of the galactic bulge: constraints from stellar abundances; Summary; Index.


R. M. Rich, N. C. Santos, C. Allende-Prieto, A. Ecuvillon, G. Israelian, F. Pont, M. Mayor, S. Feltzing, D. Lennon, C. Trundle, T. Bensby, M. S. Oey, B. Gustafsson, B. E. Reddy, D. L. Lambert, S. Randich, A. Bragaglia, E. Carretta, R. Gratton, M. Tosi, S. Simon-Diaz, J. Fulbright, A. McWilliam, F. Najarro, A. Lecureur, V. Hill, M. Zoccali, B. Barbuy, L. Pasquini, M. Dollinger, J. Setiawan, A. Hatzes, L. Girardi, L. da Silva, J. R. de Medeiros, A. Weiss, O. Von Der Luhe, S. Trager, F. Bresolin, J. M. Vilchez, L. Pilyugin, T. Z. Thuan, D. Kunth, M. Pettini, B. Penprase, W. Sargent, E. Berger, S. Ellison, R. Maiolino, S. Arribas, T. Boker, A. Bunker, S. Charlot, G. de Marchi, P. Ferruit, M. Franx, P. Jakobsen, H. Moseley, T. Nagao, L. Origlia, B. Rauscher, M. Regan, H. W. Rix, C. J. Willott, P. Kroupa, P. Westera, M. Samland, R. Buser, K. Ammon, A. I. Diaz, P. Jablonka, A. Pipino, F. Matteucci, P. Crowther, J. R. Souza Leao, C. Leitherer, R. C. Fernandes, J. Puls, Y. Takeda, G. Grafener, W.-R. Hamann, G. Hensler, D. Kroeger, T. Freyer, N. Przybilla, K. Butler, R.-P. Kudritzki, G. Meynet, N. Mowlavi, A. Maeder, C. Frohlich, R. Hirschi, M. Liebendorfer, F.-K. Thielemann, G. Martinez Pinedo, E. Bravo, S.-C. Yoon, I. Bonnell, S. Vauclair, P. Sanchez-Blazquez, G. Stasinska, G. Tenorio-Tagle, M. Rodriguez, W. J. Henney, L. Carigi, B. Gibson, A. J. MacDonald, M. Edmunds, C. Chiappini, S. K. Ballero, B. Pagel

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