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Essentials of UMTS


  • 18 tables
  • Page extent: 256 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521889315)

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The third generation (3G) cellular system UMTS is advanced, optimised and complex. The many existing books on UMTS attempt to explain all the intricacies of the system and as a result are large and equally complex. This book takes a different approach and explains UMTS in a concise, clear and readily understandable style. Written by a professional technical trainer, and based on training courses delivered on UMTS to telecommunication companies worldwide, Essentials of UMTS will enable you to grasp the key concepts quickly. It assumes no previous knowledge of mobile telecommunication theory, and is structured around the operation of the system, clearly setting out how the different components interact with each other, and how the system as a whole behaves. Engineers, project managers and marketing executives working for equipment manufacturers and network operators will find this concise guide to UMTS invaluable.

• Written by a professional UMTS technical trainer • Contains a balanced, system-level account of the architecture and operation of UMTS • Assumes no previous knowledge of mobile telecommunications


Preface; 1. Introduction to mobile telecommunications; 2. Introduction to UMTS; 3. Radio transmission and reception; 4. Operational procedures; 5. Services and their implementation; 6. Future developments; Bibliography; List of abbreviations.

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