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Nutrition in Critical Care


  • 18 b/w illus. 42 tables
  • Page extent: 261 pages
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  • Dewey number: 615.8/54
  • Dewey version: 23
  • LC Classification: RM217
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Nutritional Support
    • Critical Care

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 (ISBN-13: 9781107669017)

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The association between poor nutrition and disease is well established. Integrating nutritional sciences into clinical practice offers a valuable tool to improve patient care and prognosis, particularly within the critical care environment where nutrition is often overlooked. However, optimizing nutritional support offers a safe and simple adjunct to more expensive and technologically challenging treatments for these complex patients. This volume provides comprehensive guidelines for the nutritional support of critically ill patients and is valuable reading for doctors, nurses, dieticians and practitioners working within the critical care environment. It begins by discussing nutritional physiology and patient assessment, providing an essential foundation for planning and managing the dietary requirements of critically ill patients. Internationally-recognized authors present evidence-based guidelines for managing various groups, including surgical patients, patients with burns, and patients with renal failure. The implications of enteral vs. parenteral nutrition, timing of nutritional support, therapeutic strategies, and management of complications are discussed.

• Contributions from internationally-recognized experts provide up-to-date management guidance • Tables and figures provide a quick reference guide to key topics • Begins with foundational chapters on patient assessment and nutritional physiology, giving readers the information they need to make management decisions


Preface; Part I. General Concepts: 1. Nutritional physiology of the critically ill patient David C. Frankenfield; 2. Nutritional assessment of the critically ill patient Mario Siervo and Carla Prado; 3. Body composition assessment of the critically ill patient Ying Ji and Dympna Gallagher; 4. Micronutrient and vitamin physiology and requirements in critically ill patients Timothy Eden, Minha Rajput-Ray and Sumantra Ray; Part II. Nutritional Delivery and Dietetics: 5. Enteral and parenteral feeding protocols Malissa Warren and Robert Martindale; 6. Commercial nutritional enteral and parenteral formulations in critical care J. A. Silversides, Stephen T. Webb and Andrew J. Ferguson; 7. Nutritional supplements in critically ill patients Shaul Lev, Ilya Kagan and Pierre Singer; Part III. General Problems in Critical Care: 8. Gastrointestinal disturbances in critically ill patients Andrew Hetreed and Peter Faber; 9. Fluid and electrolyte management in critical care medicine Nils Siegenthaler, Paolo Merlani and Andreas Perren; 10. Hormonal responses and nutritional management of adults in critical care units John A. Tayek; Part IV. Nutritional Support for Specific Conditions and Pathologies: 11. Nutritional support of critically ill burns patients Bjarne F. Alsbjoern; 12. Nutritional support of critically ill neurosurgical patients Roland N. Dickerson; 13. Nutritional support of critically ill immuno-compromised patients Peter K. Linden; 14. Nutritional support of critically ill cancer patients Wilson I. Gonsalves and Aminah Jatoi; 15. Nutritional support of critically ill patients after gastrointestinal surgery Shay Nanthakumaran and Jan O. Jansen; 16. Nutritional support of critically ill patients with renal failure Patricia Wiesen and Jean-Charles Preiser; 17. Nutritional support of critically ill patients with liver and pancreatic failure Euan Thomson and Alastair Lee; 18. Nutritional support and implications for critically ill patients with sepsis Michael H. Hooper and Paul E. Marik; 19. Nutrition in cardiac intensive care Peter McCanny, Danny Collins and Andrew A. Klein; 20. Nutritional support of critically ill patients with respiratory disorders Krista L. Turner; 21. Nutritional support of critically ill organ transplantation patients Andrew J. Kerwin and Michael S. Nussbaum; 22. Nutritional management of anorexia in critical care Maria Gabriella Gentile; 23. Nutritional support of critically ill obese patients Dong Wook Kim and Caroline M. Apovian; Index.


David C. Frankenfield, Mario Siervo, Carla Prado, Ying Ji, Dympna Gallagher, Timothy Eden, Minha Rajput-Ray, Sumantra Ray, Malissa Warren, Robert Martindale, J. A. Silversides, Stephen T. Webb, Andrew J. Ferguson, Shaul Lev, Ilya Kagan, Pierre Singer, Andrew Hetreed, Peter Faber, Nils Siegenthaler, Paolo Merlani, Andreas Perren, John A. Tayek, Bjarne F. Alsbjoern, Roland N. Dickerson, Peter K. Linden, Wilson I. Gonsalves, Aminah Jatoi, Shay Nanthakumaran, Jan O. Jansen, Patricia Wiesen, Jean-Charles Preiser, Euan Thomson, Alastair Lee, Michael H. Hooper, Paul E. Marik, Peter McCanny, Danny Collins, Andrew A. Klein, Krista L. Turner, Andrew J. Kerwin, Michael S. Nussbaum, Maria Gabriella Gentile, Dong Wook Kim, Caroline M. Apovian

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