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GCSE Mathematics for OCR Online Subscription (2 Years)

Sorry, the product you are trying to view is not available in your country.

  • ISBN:9781107449855
  • Format:Dynamic online product
  • Subject(s):Mathematics
  • Qualification:OCR
  • Author(s):
  • Available from: April 2015
  • Notes: Not available for credit card purchase. Please contact Customer Services.

A new series of bespoke, full-coverage resources developed for the 2015 GCSE Mathematics qualifications.

Sorry, the product you are trying to view is not available in your country.


    Developed specifically for the new OCR GCSE Mathematics specification, GCSE Mathematics Online is a tablet-friendly enhanced digital learning, teaching and assessment resource for teachers and students for both Foundation and Higher tiers. This flexible suite of resources for all types of classroom setup includes material for interactive whiteboards and projectors. Content includes explanatory notes and worksheets, plus a range of interactive walkthroughs, animations and questions. Comprehensive provision for both summative and formative assessment includes differentiated pre-set quizzes and a test generator that allows teachers to compile their own assessments, both with inbuilt reporting to track students’ work and progression.

  • Contents
    • A flexible suite of resources for all types of classroom set-up, including material for interactive whiteboards and projectors.

    • The ability to set tasks, create tests, auto-mark and compile reports to review student performance.

    • Includes a digital version of both the Foundation and Higher Student Books.

    • Resources organised into chapters corresponding to the Student Books, with explanatory notes for all topics.

    • Interactive widgets to visually demonstrate concepts.

    • Worksheets offering practical activities, discussion points, investigations, games and further practice.

    • Walkthroughs that take students through a question step-by-step, with feedback.

    • Quick-fire quizzes with leader boards providing an opportunity for question practice.

    • Includes levelled questions that assess understanding of each topic.

    • Can be used on tablets, including iPads and is suitable for whole-class teaching and learning, independent learning and home study.

    • Introduction
    • Acknowledgements
    • 1. Basic calculation skills
    • 2. Whole number theory
    • 3. Algebraic expressions
    • 4. Functions and sequences
    • 5. Properties of shapes and solids
    • 6. Construction and loci
    • 7. Further algebraic expressions
    • 8. Equations
    • 9. Angles
    • 10. Fractions
    • 11. Decimals
    • 12. Units and measurement
    • 13. Percentages
    • 14. Algebraic formulae
    • 15. Perimeter
    • 16. Area
    • 17. Approximation and estimation
    • 18. Straight-line graphs
    • 19. Graphs of equations and functions
    • 20. Three-dimensional shapes
    • 21. Volume and surface area
    • 22. Calculations with ratio
    • 23. Basic probability and experiments
    • 24. Combined events and probability diagrams
    • 25. Powers and roots
    • 26. Standard form
    • 27H. Surds
    • 27F / 28H. Plane vector geometry
    • 28F / 29H. Plane isometric transformations
    • 29F / 30H. Congruent triangles
    • 30F / 31H. Similarity
    • 31F / 32H. Pythagoras' theorem
    • 32F / 33H. Trigonometry
    • 34H. Circle theorems
    • 33F / 35H. Discrete growth and decay
    • 34F / 36H. Direct and inverse proportion
    • 35F / 37H. Collecting and displaying data
    • 36F / 38H. Analysing data
    • 37F / 39H. Interpreting graphs
    • 38F / 40H. Algebraic inequalities
    • 41H. Transformations of curves and their equations
    • Glossary
    • Index.
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