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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

June 21st 2021 0

COVID-19’s Aftermath – A Looming Eviction Crisis?

Perhaps surprisingly, the COVID-19 crisis had a broadly positive short-term impact on housing and homelessness problems and on tenant security. The urgent need from a public health perspective to get people off the streets and out of congregated settings,…

June 18th 2021

Should the rich pay higher fines?

What if fines could be adjusted not only to the severity of the offense, but also to the income of the offender? What if the rich pay a higher fine than the poor for the same offense? This is not just a thought experiment but a real model, which was first…

June 17th 2021

Freedom Beyond the Border

In 1829, Ohio’s state legislators made an announcement that reverberated through African American communities across the nation. Responding to white discomfort over the state’s growing free Black population, they announced that Ohio’s lo…

June 16th 2021

William Wordsworth, Second Generation Romantic: Contesting Poetry after Waterloo

We lament deaths that shorten great careers, as with Mary Wollstonecraft or John Keats. We puzzle over decisions to abandon success. Shakespeare retired to Stratford at the height of his powers; Arthur Rimbaud abandoned poetry at 20 to become, at differen…

June 15th 2021

The Biblical Authors Should Count as Philosophers

Why isn’t the biblical literature taught alongside other philosophies? By any objective criteria, it measures up to the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments, I contend…

June 14th 2021

Staging the Raj: The Dramatic Performances Act and Anti-Colonial Theater

Shortly after William Shakespeare’s famous words, “all the world’s a stage,” were uttered in the opening performance of As You Like It in the new Globe theater, the Red Dragon set sail to found the East India Company’s first …

June 14th 2021

Beyond lipstick: how languages can change the scientific Babel

As an applied linguist interested in science communication, an important specialised domain of language in society today, I have developed high perceptiveness of the richness and the power of the words that scientists skilfully and craftily use to describ…

June 11th 2021

From exegesis to stem cells, from governance to finance: Islamic norms in a positivist way

During the 1990s, in Egypt, Professor Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd was prosecuted by a group of attorneys and condemned by two courts of the Egyptian national judicial system to be divorced from his wife based on a Civil Code provision forbidding a Muslim woman to…

June 11th 2021

Tom Stoppard in Context

Tom Stoppard is one of the world’s most lauded and commercially successful playwrights, author of more than a dozen award-winning and profitable plays for the West End and Broadway. He has also been successful in film, co-writing the Oscar-winning s…

June 11th 2021

Hearing E. M. Forster

Most readers recognize E. M. Forster as the early twentieth-century writer who wrote about India; some remember his socially relevant and thematically wide-ranging Edwardian novels and short stories, and a posthumously published novel about male homosexua…

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June 22nd 2021 0

Neighborhood Life, Migration, and Social Infrastructure in Teotihuacan’s Southern Periphery

Teotihuacan is well known within Latin American archaeology and is critical to our understanding of the Classic period in Mesoamerica, when it was the largest city in the Americas and most influential polity within the culture area (ca.…

June 21st 2021 0

Looking back to move forward: two decades of advancing company guidance on how to operate in complex environments

The increased importance of human rights due diligence (HRDD) in conflict affected areas or contexts that otherwise have a complex security situation was recently highlighted in the UN Working Group’s report Business, human rights and conflict-affec…

June 18th 2021 0

Shining a light on parasite behavior: daily patterns of Argulus fish lice

The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is “Shining a light on parasite behaviour: daily patterns of Argulus fish lice” and is freely available for one month.…

June 17th 2021 0

ChemRxiv re-launched on Cambridge Open Engage

We are delighted to announce ChemRxiv has been re-launched on our early open research website Cambridge Open Engage today, Thursday 17th June 2021!…

June 17th 2021 0

Calling All Low Intensity CBT Practitioners to Share Their Expertise and Knowledge

Low Intensity CBT Practitioners, such as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) working within the IAPT programme, continue to make a significant contribution to the mental health landscape.…

June 17th 2021 0

Plague in Medieval Cambridgeshire

Sometimes archaeologists are forced to study what they can identify, even when they recognize that it is not representative. One instance of this concerns burials of people who died of plague during the Black Death in the mid-14th century and later outbre…

June 16th 2021 0

Q&A with Environmental Data Science Editor: Jakob Runge

Jakob Runge heads the Climate Informatics working group at the German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Data Science in Jena since 2017 and is guest professor of computer science at TU Berlin since 2021.…

June 16th 2021 0

How to succeed with online learning

Whether you’ve taken online courses in the past or are planning to venture into online learning for the first time, we have a list of strategies to help you get the most out of your learning.

June 16th 2021 0

The Permissible Bounds of Teacher Activism

Cunningham gives us a way to interpret 21st century activism, particularly in understanding how employee policies and the courts follow a tradition of limiting teachers’ rights to freedom of speech and expression.

June 16th 2021 0

How Weddell seals make the best of unusual oceanographic conditions

As one of the very few species species of mammals to live and breed all year in the Antarctic Ocean, Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) can give us clues as to how Antarctic predators will adapt to changes in their warming environment.

June 15th 2021 0

Mental Health and Children with Intellectual Disability: A Quadruple Inequality

Fortunately, we have moved on from a time when individuals with intellectual disability may have been considered incapable of experiencing mental health problems. However, in the context of current talk about mental health crises, the mental health of chi…

June 14th 2021 0

Numbers in an Emergency: The Many Roles of Indicators in the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the world. The authors of this blog post have edited a special issue of the International Journal on Law in Context (IJLC) that is specifically interested in the role of indicators in the COVID-19 crisis.…

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