Cambridge Teacher Development Online Courses

Use our online courses to develop your professional skills and knowledge.  Cambridge Teacher Development provides a wide range of courses for you – 26 courses now available.

Many of these courses have been transferred from Cambridge English Teacher.  Go to this page for more information on the closure of CET and what it means for you if you were a CET member.   Cambridge English Teacher


Which courses are available now?

20 hour courses

  1. Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  2. Teaching Grammar
  3. Teaching Speaking
  4. Teaching Writing
  5. Lesson Planning and Classroom Management
  6. CLIL: Introduction to Theory and Practice
  7. Teaching Primary Learners Communicatively
  8. Motivating Teenage Learners
  9. Understanding Assessment
  10. Learning Oriented Assessment
  11. How to teach IELTS
  12. How to teach Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools
  13. How to teach Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools
  14. How to teach Cambridge English: First (FCE)
  15. How to teach Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  16. Introduction to Blended Learning
  17. Teaching with Technology: Internet and Tools
  18. Teaching with Technology: Apps and Social
  19. English for the Teacher
  20. Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness


5 hour courses

  1. Apps for Teaching and Learning
  2. Teaching Pronunciation
  3. Evaluating and Correcting Learners


Online Resource Library

  1. Full access to Online Resource Library


Longer courses

  1. The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3 Online (TKT Online)
  2. Language for Teaching online course (order from Cambridge English Language Assessment)


For detailed information on each course, scroll down to the bottom of this page. There is a pdf description for each course.

For more information on the online resource library – go to this page: Online Resource Library


Why follow these courses?

  • It’s convenient – you can pick it up whenever you have time, and wherever you are.  You have 18 months to complete the course once you start it.
  • It’s engaging – the courses have been written by our world-leading authors, each unit in the course has interactive exercises to check your understanding, tasks for you to try out in the classroom, and sections for you to review your learning.
  • Certificate of completion - when you complete 80% of the tasks in the course, and provide suitable responses for 75% of the course, you will be eligible for a course completion certificate.
  • Progress tracker – you can see how you are progressing in the course, and if you are a trainer or co-ordinator for a team of teachers, you can see how each of them is progressing.
  • The courses are designed to be followed by teachers with at least a B2 level of English. 


Ordering a Cambridge Teacher Development online course

CTD online courses are designed to be bought by individual teachers or by institutions.  At the moment (April/May 2017), the e-commerce functionality to allow individuals to buy courses directly is being redeveloped and so it is not currently available for individuals.  We expect this to be available in 3-4 months. 

The CTD courses can be bought by institutions – schools, colleges and universities – by completing this order form and following the instructions included on it. 


The cost of each course will be affected by local arrangements, but the standard price in the UK for institutional purchases is £10.00 (including VAT) per course. 


The Cambridge Learning Management System

Cambridge Teacher Development online courses are run on the Cambridge Learning Management System (the CLMS). The CLMS is the world’s most widely used learning platform designed specifically for English Language Teaching.  Here is a guide to using the system for Cambridge Teacher Development courses. 


There is additional help on using the CLMS here: 


Please note that the CLMS is also used for English language courses, and this affects teacher development courses in two ways:

  • When you are following a teacher development course, you become ‘the student’ or ‘the learner’.  If you have a trainer or co-ordinator supporting you during the course, they will be ‘the teacher’.
  • With your registration on the CLMS, you can both be a teacher for a language course and ‘a learner’ on a teacher development course.  You don’t need to register separately for each role.

 If you have an access code for the CLMS, you can go to the landing page for the CLMS here:


Online training and support for Cambridge language courses

The CLMS also provides a range of free courses designed for teachers of Cambridge language courses.  These are available to any teacher who registers on the CLMS.  They include information on how best to teach your students using particular Cambridge courses.   For more information on these free courses, please visit this page: Online training for Cambridge courses


Additional information on the Online Methodology Courses

Click on these links for further information on each of the online methodology courses: