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CLIL: Introduction to Theory and Practice

Course summary:

Build your knowledge of the CLIL approach and understand how the theory relates to classroom practice. Develop your ability to integrate content and language effectively when teaching.

Suitable for:




This course is ideal if


  • You are planning (or required) to teach other subjects through English.
  • You just want to learn more about the CLIL approach.


You should already have


  • B2 level English or higher.
  • Learners that you are currently teaching.*


This course is appropriate for teachers with any level of experience.

* Recommended but not essential.


‘CLIL’ stands for content and language integrated learning. It’s an approach to teaching in which subjects are taught in a second language – in this case, English. After focusing on the principles behind CLIL, the course moves on to look at effective practises for teaching school subjects through English, explaining how to plan, teach and assess in a CLIL context. By learning to relate the theory with practice, you’ll be able to effectively deliver the learning outcomes you need for your class.




By taking this course, you’ll learn


  • The theory behind CLIL and why it’s used.
  • How this applies to classroom practice.
  • How to teach, support and assess learning with a CLIL approach.
  • How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching.