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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

March 24th 2023 0

How Do Voters Form Their Political Preferences? They Follow Their Leaders

A romantic notion of democracy depicts democratic governments as accountable to their citizens and acting in their citizens’ interests. Academic analyses of democratic decision-making support this view. Voters have preferences, and parties and candi…

March 23rd 2023

Everything You Know About Fairies Is Wrong: Introducing Twilight of the Godlings

“In th’olde days of the king ArthourOf which that Britons speaken great honour,All was this land full fill’d with faerie …” In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath reflects that fairies used to be plentiful in …

March 23rd 2023

What is the art of the reprint?

For one of the first of the over 250 drawings that Rockwell Kent made to illustrate Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851) in 1930, he propped Ishmael up on his elbows, lying on his belly on a grassy hill. This is the famous opening scene of the novel, …

March 16th 2023

State Legislative Resistance

My latest book, Monitoring American Federalism: The History of State Legislative Resistance demonstrates how states played a crucial role from the beginning of the republic in assessing the equilibrium of federalism within the American constitutional orde…

March 15th 2023

The Law and Practice of Global ICT Standardization

“Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically.” There is some truth in this slightly stereotyped statement: our daily life can no longer be imagined without digital connectivity, and no economic activity would take place without devices and …

March 15th 2023

Unlocking the Groove: Our Journey to Uncovering the Transformative Power of Musicfor Older Adults

We are excited to present our groundbreaking research on the quality of life of older adult clients of U.S. senior centers through the lens of music participation. The post Unlocking the Groove: Our Journey to Uncovering the Transformative Power of Musicf…

March 14th 2023

Something’s fishy in medieval Europe

If you cast your line in the right places medieval Europe is full of fish. “A surfeit of lampreys” reportedly killed England’s King Henry I in 1135, and Pope Martin IV (d1285) expired after consuming too many eels from Lake Trasimeno. Hi…

March 13th 2023

How Ancient Civilizations Were Burdened by their Parasites

Evidence for parasites brought together in the book Parasites in Past Civilizations and Their Impact upon Health includes studies of ancient mummies, skeletons, toilets, coprolites, hair combs, and other archaeological materials. The different kinds of pa…

March 9th 2023

Was anticolonial activism global?

African Activists in a Decolonising World: The Making of an Anticolonial Culture, 1952–1966 (Cambridge University Press, 2023) Ismay Milford ‘The trick of the colonist is to isolate colonial territories from the rest of the world’. This …

March 9th 2023

Putting Alison back in the picture

The photograph above, taken in May 1941, shows meadows near Bemerton, Wiltshire (UK), with a girl named Alison sitting on a plank bridge across a stream. Several features would immediately catch the eye of a landscape historian working in the empiric…

Cambridge Core


Advancing learning, knowledge and research.

March 24th 2023 0

Timing of cestode infection in threespine stickleback: Exploring variation among populations

When do parasites infect hosts? And does timing differ between separate host populations? Answers to these questions are fundamental to our understanding of host-parasite interactions and co-evolution. Yet often these aspects of host-parasite interactions…

March 24th 2023 0

Protected Urea – Protecting the Environment and Delivering for Farmers

The paper “Can a urease inhibitor improve the efficacy of nitrogen use under perennial ryegrass temperate grazing conditions? A multi-site study of N use in a temperate climate“, published in The Journal of Agricultural Science, has been chose…

March 24th 2023 0

What Makes a Good Review

What makes a good review? Some advice to potential reviewers about what we hope your review will accomplish for our authors and for us.

March 23rd 2023 0

Conversations with Authors: Tabloid Media Campaigns and Public Opinion

In this “Conversation with Authors,” we spoke with APSR authors Florian Foos and Daniel Bischof about their article, “Tabloid Media Campaigns and Public Opinion: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Euroscepticism in England.”…

March 23rd 2023 0

Celebrating 1000 Elements: Elements in Global Urban History

Cambridge Elements in Global Urban History reinterprets the history of the world’s cities by combining the approaches of urban and global history.…

March 23rd 2023 0

Five Changes I would like to see – in research

This blog post by Dr Tara Van Ho is the first in a series of blog pieces by describing a change or changes the writer would like to see in any part of the field of business and human rights. …

March 23rd 2023 0

Celebrating 1000 Elements: Elements in Law, Economics and Politics

We are grateful to you for sharing in our celebration of this Element series. Why write on this topic? Because we are excited about the series and what it represents to scholars.

March 22nd 2023 0

Celebrating the publication of our 1000th Element

We are celebrating publishing the 1000th Element and I want to share why this is such an important milestone for us at Cambridge University Press.

March 21st 2023 0

Comments on Parasitology paper – Effects of parasitic freshwater mussels on their host fishes: a review

Starting my PhD in 2020 on the conservation of Swedish parasitic freshwater mussels (Order: Unionida), I initially noted a lack of effort put into the study of what these mussels actually do to their hosts. If our goal is to increase the number of these m…

March 20th 2023 0

A life in engineering: Prof. Jan Maciejowski talks to the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC)

In the hot seat, Jan Maciejowski, InstMC Past President and Professor Emeritus of Control Engineering, University of Cambridge (now retired), gives us an insight into his career in engineering.

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