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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

May 29th 2024 0

Understanding Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Entrepreneurship has been the theme of my research for four decades. My first article on entrepreneurship was published in 1984. I must confess, however, that I had not truly understood the nature of entrepreneurship until a few years ago. The reason is t…

May 29th 2024

Emoji in Literacy Training and Healthcare Communications

Since emoji gained global diffusion in the early 2010s, emoji characters have coalesced into a self-contained language that people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds use on a daily basis, in remarkably similar ways. This visual language has …

May 28th 2024

Ethics in Econometrics – A Guide to Research Practice

Econometricians develop and use methods and techniques to model economic behavior, create forecasts, to do policy evaluation, and to develop scenarios. Often, this ends up in some advice. This advice can be a prediction for the future or for another secto…

May 23rd 2024

The Spread of the Modern Central Bank and Global Cooperation

Central banks have not always been as ubiquitous or as economically and politically prominent as they are today. A century ago, some two-thirds of the world’s countries didn’t have one at all (see chart). Those who did took them less seriously…

May 21st 2024

Secrets of our genome: Small RNAs conduct the molecular orchestra of life

The actions of genes are fundamental to life as we know it. But how is your genome’s prodigious output controlled? What checks and balances ensure the right ‘amount’ of gene activity in each of your trillions of cells? What is conducting…

May 15th 2024

Research Design

To the public at large, scientific “facts” constantly seem to change. Some of these changes are dramatic. When I was a child there were nine planets in our solar system. However, a child born today will learn there are eight, but maybe one mor…

May 13th 2024

How Islam Rules in Iran

How Islam Rules in Iran questions prevailing assumptions about the Iranian theocracy by demonstrating that the Islamic Republic has deep and continuously evolving ideological and jurisprudential roots. In today’s Iran, the book argues, state-religio…

May 10th 2024

Communicate Compellingly, Not Academically

Are you tired of your reports, emails, memos, even social media posts going unread and unappreciated? Here’s the solution, with my five favourite tricks for writing which really makes an impact. Prepare yourself for a shock: Much of how you communic…

May 8th 2024

Just Following Orders: From Perpetrator Testimonies to Brain Research

One night in 2013, I found myself watching a documentary on television about a criminal investigation. Watching such documentaries was not uncommon for me, as my studies in neuropsychology and criminology had fueled my desire to better understand human na…

May 6th 2024

The Necessary Mix

Market favoritism has been aggressively supported for more than 50 years by the Right and adopted by many on the Left. The emphasis has been on the priority of markets over government for solution to policy problems and for enhancing political liberties. …

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June 7th 2024 0

The Quest to End Genocide: States’ Common Obligations-Part II

Find part one of this post here. High Contracting Parties to Geneva Conventions of 1949 have also a positive obligation, which requires them to take all reasonable steps to stop and prevent these violations.…

June 6th 2024 0

The Quest to End Genocide: States’ Common Obligations-Part I

It is apparent that the international community benefits from the International Court of Justice (ICJ)’s role in developing and clarifying key principles of international law, which can also help settle future disputes.…

June 5th 2024 0

International & Comparative Law Quarterly announces publication of new forum

The International & Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ) proudly announces the launch of the ICLQ Forum, a special issue of the journal dedicated to showcasing the breadth of topics that fall within the thematic scope of the Journal.…

June 4th 2024 0

Unraveling the Legacy of Indigenous and European Peoples Using Dogs from Jamestown

Dogs were one of the many animal companions that accompanied English settlers to Jamestown, Colony, Virginia, in the year 1607. In fact, one of the first recorded deaths at Jamestown was not a person but a dog, falling victim to a confrontation between th…

June 3rd 2024 0

Avenues to better treatment: vivid imagery in chronic pain

The June BABCP Article of the Month is from the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (tCBT) and is entitled “‘Knees being set on fire’: A qualitative study exploring the impact of intrusive mental imagery on chronic pain patients” by Rita…

May 31st 2024 0

Silicon Evolution

Two essays in this issue of TDR explore AI. Diana Taylor reexamines her by now classical distinction between the “archive and the repertoire” in terms of how digital technologies “have complicated Western systems of knowledge, raising ne…

May 31st 2024 0

Why India should go beyond the Artemis Accords? – Part II

Read part one of this post here. Tension between the Outer Space Treaty and the Artemis Accords The primary bone of contention is the principle of Common Heritage of Mankind (CHM) and equitable sharing of resources which the US objects and claims as…

May 30th 2024 0

Malaria in non-human primates: importance for conservation and as an analogue of human malaria

The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is ‘Naturally acquired immunity to Plasmodium pitheci in Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus)‘ and is freely available for one month. …

May 30th 2024 0

Why India should go beyond the Artemis Accords? – Part I

Introduction The tremendous growth in space technology has intensified the lunar race among the space faring states. The near precise landing of  Japan’s  Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) close to the Moon’s equator and …

May 28th 2024 0

IELIG Early Comments for the ICC Prosecutor’s Policy Paper on Environmental Crimes – Part II

Read part one of this post here. A. What are the Best Practices for Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes that can be Committed by Means of or that Result in Environmental Damage?…

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