Prefixes and suffixes wall art for your classroom

Adam Steele

Did you know that in the English language many common prefixes and suffixes come from Latin or Greek words? Take the word superheroes for example. What makes a superhero greater than a hero? It’s their supernatural powers, of course! ‘Super’ is a Latin prefix that means ‘above’ or ‘excess’.

Once students understand prefixes and suffixes meanings, their comprehension of different subjects improves too. Scientific and historic words, as well as terms used in the arts or music are easy to decipher once you have an understanding of prefixes and suffixes.

Prefixes and Suffixes for your classroom

With September around the corner, are you looking for ways to make your classroom bright and colourful ready for the new school year?

We were inspired by @learnwithMrsC who created a fantastic wall display about prefixes and suffixes. With her help, we wanted to share it with you.

We have designed a printable pack, so you can replicate her super work (OK, that one wasn’t a prefix). With 24 different prefixes and suffixes, all you need to do is print the shapes, cut them out, and stick them up.

Download prefixes and suffixes

Once you’ve decorated your classroom, share a photo with us on Twitter – we would love to see how it looks.

If you have a great classroom idea that you’d like to share with teachers around the world, get in touch. We’d love to help!