Interactive idioms quiz

Jasmine Short

By their very nature, idioms don’t make any sense. Idioms are metaphors that have gotten out of hand, they’ve abandoned the rules of grammar and have taken on a meaning of their own. Idioms can be difficult to understand in isolation, but can be very fun once you get the hang of them.

“Idiom: a phrase not directly translatable whose meaning is generally understood amongst a population.”

Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language 2nd Edition

Talking complete non-sense and making perfect sense at the same time can make you feel a cut above the rest. Most importantly, idioms are a key part of the English language, they just need to be taken with a pinch of salt

See if your students’ knowledge of idioms is shipshape with our interactive quiz. Don’t worry, we haven’t over-egged it!

We’ve also made a downloadable idioms quiz for you to print and use in class, if you’d like to be old-school.

How did you do? If you or your students need to brush up on your idioms knowledge, take a look at our Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language 2nd Edition series.

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