Six free resources for the Cambridge Global Perspectives™ classroom

Georgia Robinson

A key part of any Cambridge Global Perspectives study is the rich and diverse viewpoints that students are introduced to from around the world. But sourcing articles and resources that provide this insight can be time consuming.

Below we’ve listed some helpful starting points that you can introduce into your lesson plans. We hope they bring versatility and inspiration into your classroom.

1. TED Talks

Recommended by Cambridge Panel teacher Olga, TED talks are described as ‘influential videos from expert speakers’ and provide an array of videos that you can use in the classroom. From business, to educationscience and technology – there are talks on a wide range of topics that provide new viewpoints for your students.

2. BBC

News outlets are traditionally a good place to head when looking for topical resources, and the BBC is no different. As recommended by Milagros, a teacher from the Cambridge Panel, its website is an excellent place to start to source resources for your classroom. It can be great for research topics such as Education for All and Digital World.

3. Cambridge Assessment International Education

Of course, no Cambridge Global Perspectives classroom is complete without making the most of the guidance available from Cambridge International. Its article entitled ‘How do you teach Global Perspectives?’ offers lots of useful information and also links to other topics, including further resources and Challenge topic guidance.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a rich and diverse online video platform, and with a little research it’s simple to find suitable videos for your classroom. A good place to start is the YouTube learning channel. Current videos include an introduction to economics and navigating digital information.

To get a feel for the types of media that may work in your Cambridge Global Perspectives classroom, take a look at the following YouTube channel recommended by Alexander, a teacher on the Cambridge Panel. He suggests browsing Vox for content ideal to introduce and explain global issues.   


Our Cambridge IGCSE™ Global Perspectives resource is the only textbook that’s compliant with UNESCO’s sustainability goals, and its website is an excellent resources for Cambridge Global Perspectives studies.

Visit the News page where the agency has a range of articles discussing education and gender equality.

6. The Cambridge Panel

We’ve worked hard to fast-track samples of our up-coming Cambridge Global Perspectives learner’s skills books and teacher’s books ahead of publication. Sign up to the Cambridge Panel to gain free access to our first units that you can use in your classroom.

Stage 7, unit one – Starting with Research Skills, is now available, as well the first unit of our Stage 7 Teacher’s Book.  

We hope the websites listed help with your journey towards an open and innovative Cambridge Global Perspectives classroom. Although it can seem like a challenge to get started, this unique Cambridge International course elevates students’ skills and grows their understanding of the versatile world around them.

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