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The Sole Spokesman
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  • Page extent: 336 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521458504 | ISBN-10: 0521458501)

In 1940 the All-India Muslim League orchestrated the demand for independent Muslim states in India. Seven years later Pakistan was created amidst a communal holocaust of unprecedented proportions. Concentrating on the All-India Muslim League and its leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, The Sole Spokesman assesses the role of religious communalism and provincialism in shaping the movement for Pakistan.

• This is the most important scholarly study of the central event in modern South Asian history - the partition of India in 1947 • An important text on the politics of South Asia, out now in paperback • Well written and clearly presented


Preface; Preface to the paperback edition; Introduction; 1. Jinnah between the wars; 2. Jinnah and the League's search for survival; 3. Jinnah and the Muslim-majority provinces; 4. Centre and province: Simla and the elections of 1945–46; 5. Jinnah's 'Pakistan' and the Cabinet Mission plan; 6. The interim government: Jinnah in retreat; 7. The end game: Mountbatten and partition.


'Jalal's monograph is an important contribution which no student of modern South Asia can ignore. The central theme is original, provocative, stimulating and in places quite exhilarating …' The Times Higher Education Supplement

'The strength of Jalal's work is her forthright repudiation of the historicist assumption that because an independent Pakistan came into existence such a state was intended by Jinnah as he campaigned for 'Pakistan' from 1940–1947.' The American Historical Review

'Ayesha Jalal's is a well researched, well written and more or less dispassionate study of the factors leading to the creation of Pakistan - indeed India's Partition.' The Economic Times (Bombay)

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