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Political Theory and the Ecological Challenge


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521546980 | ISBN-10: 0521546982)

In recent years the engagement between the environmental 'agenda' and mainstream political theory has become increasingly widespread and profound. Each has affected the other in palpable and important ways, and it makes increasing sense for political theorists in each camp to engage with one another. This book, first published in 2006, draws together the threads of this interconnecting enquiry in order to assess its status and meaning. Andrew Dobson and Robyn Eckersley have gathered together a team of renowned scholars to think through the challenge that political ecology presents to political theory. Looking at fourteen familiar political ideologies and concepts such as liberalism, conservatism, justice and democracy, the contributors question how they are reshaped, distorted or transformed from an environmental perspective. Lively, accessible and authoritative, this book will appeal to scholars and students alike.

• This edited volume presents a unique challenge to mainstream political theory • Offers fourteen 'think pieces' by renowed international scholars • Presents a comprehensive examination of core political ideologies and core political concepts


Introduction Andrew Dobson and Robyn Eckersley; Part I. Modern Political Ideologies and the Ecological Challenge: 1. Conservatism Roger Scruton; 2. Liberalism Marcel Wissenburg; 3. Socialism Mary Mellor; 4. Feminism Val Plumwood; 5. Nationalism Avner de-Shalit; 6. Communitarianism Robyn Eckersley; 7. Cosmopolitanism Andrew Linklater; Part II. Political Concepts and the Ecological Challenge: 8. Democracy Terence Ball; 9. Justice James P. Sterba; 10. The state Andrew Hurrell; 11. Representation Michael Saward; 12. Freedom and rights Richard Dagger; 13. Citizenship Andrew Dobson; 14. Security Daniel Deudney.


Andrew Dobson, Robyn Eckersley, Roger Scruton, Marcel Wissenburg, Mary Mellor, Val Plumwood, Avner de-Shalit, Andrew Linklater, Terence Ball, James P. Sterba, Andrew Hurrell, Michael Saward, Richard Dagger, Daniel Deudney

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