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The Patterns Handbook
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  • Page extent: 570 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.78 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521648189 | ISBN-10: 0521648181)

In The Patterns Handbook, Linda Rising has selected seminal articles and essays that illustrate the growing importance of patterns in application development. In this important collection, you will find articles on pattern writing, pattern templates, system test patterns, frameworks and design patterns, how patterns work in teams, patterns and antipatterns, and patterns of thought. A partial list of well published experts includes James Coplien, Kent Beck, Grady Booch, Ralph Johnson, Robert Martin, Andrew Koenig, and John Vlissides. This reference contains an overview, examples and experience, resources, an annotated bibliography, and contact information. The use of patterns leads to successful solutions to recurring problems. This book will show you how to use patterns to improve productivity and quality and to become a better software designer.

• Contains articles from some of the top experts in the field, including James Coplien, Kent Beck, Grady Booch, and Robert Martin • Tells a story of corporate success by gathering articles written by employees of the same company, AG Communications Systems • Details the successes of pattern techniques, strategies and applications, but also debunks hyperbole by pointing out its limits


Part I. Overview: 1. Design patterns: elements of reusable architectures L. Rising; 2. An overview of patterns R. Corfman; 3. Patterns: spreading the word L. Rising; 4. A training experience with patterns B. Goldfedder and L. Rising; 5. Patterns: The New Building Blocks for Reusable Software Architectures D. Saunders; Part II. Examples and Experience: 6. Interactions in the INgage™ IP prototype M. Duell; 7. Pattern writing L. Rising; 8. Writers workshop format L. Rising; 9. AGCS pattern template L. Rising; 10. Patterns mining D. E. DeLano; 11. System test pattern language D. E. DeLano and L. Rising; 12. Improving software development with process and organizational patterns P. Genualdi; 13. Organizational patterns at AG communications systems N. Janoff; 14. HandsInView D. Olson; 15. Patterns on the fly D. Olson; 16. A pocket-sized broker D. Olson; 17. Frameworks and design patterns B. H. Richards; Part III. Resources and More Information: 18. Fault-tolerant telecommunication system patterns M. Adams et al.; 19. Industrial experience with design patterns K. Beck et al.; 20. Sorting through the plethora: the 'unofficial' JOOP book awards S. Bilow; 21. Patterns G. Booch; 22. A generative development - process pattern language J. Coplien; 23. Setting the stage J. Coplien; 24. Software design patterns: common questions and answers J. Coplien; 25. Software development as science, art, and engineering J. Coplien; 26. The failure of pattern languages R. Gabriel; 27. Potential pattern pitfalls, or how to jump on the patterns bandwagon without the wheels coming off N. Harrison; 28. An introduction to patterns R. Johnson; 29. How patterns work in teams R. Johnson; 30. A report on PLoP'94 R. Johnson; 31. Patterns and frameworks R. Johnson; 32. Patterns and antipatterns A. Koenig; 33. Design reuse: chemical engineering vs. software engineering P. Kogut; 34. Christopher Alexander: an introduction for object-oriented designers D. Lea; 35. Patterns: PLoP, PLoP, Fizz, Fizz R. Martin; 36. A design patterns experience report R. Ramirez; 37. Design patterns to construct the hot spot of a manufacturing framework H. A. Schmid; 38. Using design patterns to evolve system software from UNIX to Windows NT D. Schmidt and P. Stephenson; 39. Pattern hatching - perspectives from the 'Gang of Four' J. Vlissides; Appendix A. Annotated bibliography; Appendix B. Web sites.


'I think this is one of the more useful books about Patterns that I have come across. Its unity spans a wide ranch from those curious about ideas … to those who are already regular users of Pattern concepts. Definitely one for your bookshelf.' Journal of the Assoication of C & C++ Users


Michael Adams, Kent Beck, Steven Bilow, Grady Booch, James O. Coplien, Ron Crocker, Russell Corfman, David E. DeLano, Lutz Dominick, Michael Duell, Richard P. Gabriel, Robert Gamoke, Patricia Genualdi, Brandon Goldfedder, Robert Hanmer, Neil B. Harrison, Norm Janoff, Ralph E. Johnson, Fred Keeve, Andrew Koenig, Paul Kogut, Doug Lea, Robert Martin, Gerard Mezaros, Keith Nicodemus, Don S. Olson, Frances Paulisch, Russell L. Ramirez, Ben H. Richards, Linda Rising, Diane Saunders, Hans Albrecht Schmid, Douglas C. Schmidt, Paul Stephenson, John Vlissides

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