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Reconstructing Atrocity Prevention


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In the two-and-a-half decades since the end of the Cold War, policy makers have become acutely aware of the extent to which the world today faces mass atrocities. In an effort to prevent the death, destruction and global chaos wrought by these crimes, the agendas for both national and international policy have grown beyond conflict prevention to encompass atrocity prevention, protection of civilians, transitional justice and the responsibility to protect. Yet, to date, there has been no attempt to address the topic of the prevention of mass atrocities from the theoretical, policy and practicing standpoints simultaneously. This volume is designed to fill that gap, clarifying and solidifying the present understanding of atrocity prevention. It will serve as an authoritative work on the state of the field.

• Includes perspectives from scholars across the globe, including three former UN special advisers • Revises conventional assumptions in the field of atrocity prevention, arguing the need for historically informed, contextually specific and flexible prevention • Updates on the use of 'big data' in atrocity prevention as well as Argentina's national mechanism for the prevention of genocide will be of use to policymakers and scholars


Preface Roméo Dallaire; Introduction Sheri Rosenberg, Tibi Galis and Alex Zucker; Part I. Fluidities: 1. What is being prevented? Genocide, mass atrocity, and conceptual ambiguity in the anti-atrocity movement Scott Straus; 2. The pistol on the wall: how coercive military intervention limits atrocity prevention policies Bridget Conley-Zilkic; 3. Operationalizing the 'atrocity prevention lens': making prevention a living reality Alex Bellamy; 4. The 'narrow but deep approach' to implementing the responsibility to protect: reassessing the focus on international crimes Jennifer Welsh; 5. The role of social psychology in preventing group-selective mass atrocities Johanna Vollhardt; 6. Gender, sexualized violence, and the prevention of genocide Elisa von Joeden-Forgey; Part II. Above Chronology: 7. Audacity of hope: international criminal law, mass atrocity crimes, and prevention Sheri Rosenberg; 8. Historical dialogue and the prevention of atrocity crimes Elazar Barkan; 9. Through the barrel of a gun: can information from the global arms trade contribute to genocide prevention? Andrew Feinstein; 10. The individual responsibility to protect Edward Luck and Dana Luck; 11. Resource predation, contemporary conflict, and the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities Michael Klare; 12. Deconstructing risk and developing resilience: the role of inhibitory factors in genocide prevention Deborah Mayersen; 13. Military means of preventing mass atrocities Dwight Raymond; Part III. Acting Out Prevention: 14. Performing prevention: civil society, performance studies, and the role of public activism in genocide prevention Kerry Whigham; 15. Early warning for mass atrocities: tracking escalation parameters at the population level Jennifer Leaning; 16. Mobilizing economic sanctions for preventing mass atrocities: from targeting dictators to enablers George Lopez; 17. Corporate behavior and atrocity prevention: is aiding and abetting liability the best way to influence corporate behavior? Owen Pell and Kelly Bonner; 18. A short story of a long effort: the United Nations and the prevention of mass atrocities Ekkehard Strauss; 19. The practical use of early warning and response in preventing mass atrocities and genocide: experiences from the Great Lakes region Ashad Sentongo; 20. The Argentinian national mechanism for the prevention of genocide: a case study in contemporary preventive institution-building Ramiro Riera.


Roméo Dallaire, Sheri Rosenberg, Tibi Galis, Alex Zucker, Scott Straus, Bridget Conley-Zilkic, Alex Bellamy, Jennifer Welsh, Johanna Vollhardt, Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, Elazar Barkan, Andrew Feinstein, Edward Luck, Dana Luck, Michael Klare, Deborah Mayersen, Dwight Raymond, Kerry Whigham, Jennifer Leaning, George Lopez, Owen Pell, Kelly Bonner, Ekkehard Strauss, Ashad Sentongo, Ramiro Riera

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