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Phonetic Interpretation


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521115544)

First published in 2003, Phonetic Interpretation presents innovative work from four core areas: phonological representations and the lexicon, phonetic interpretation and phrasal structure, phonetic interpretation and syllable structure, and phonology and natural speech production. Written by major figures in the fields of phonetics, phonology and speech perception, the chapters in this volume use a wide range of laboratory and instrumental techniques to analyse the production and perception of speech, their aim being to explore the relationship between the sounds of speech and the linguistic organisation that lies behind that. The chapters present evidence of the lively intellectual engagement of laboratory phonology practitioners with the complexities and richness of human language. The book continues the tradition of the series, Papers in Laboratory Phonology, by bringing linguistic theory to bear on an essential problem of linguistics: the relationship between mental models and the physical nature of speech.

• Sixth in an extremely well-reviewed series of volumes from Laboratory Phonology conferences • An interdisciplinary work which provides analysis of a wide range of languages • Contributions by major figures in the fields


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction John Local, Richard Ogden and Rosalind Temple; Part I. Phonological Representations and the Lexicon: 1. Interpreting 'phonetic interpretation' across the lexicon Mary E. Beckman and Janet Pierrehumbert; 2. Effects on word recognition of syllable-onset cues to syllable-coda voicing Sarah Hawkins and Noël Nguyen; 3. Speech perception, well-formedness and the statistics of the lexicon Jennifer Hay, Janet Pierrehumbert and Mary E. Beckman; 4. Factors of lexical competition in vowel articulation Richard Wright; 5. Commentary: probability, detail and experience John Coleman; Part II. Phonetic Interpretation and Phrasal Structure: 6. Release the captive coda: the foot as a domain of phonetic interpretation John Harris; 7. How many levels of phrasing? Evidence from two varieties of Italian Mariapaola D'Imperio and Barbara Gili Fivela; 8. Domain-initial articulatory strengthening in four languages Patricia Keating, Taehong Cho, Cécile Fougeron and Chai-Shune Hsu; 9. External sandhi as gestural overlap? Counter evidence from Sardinian D. Robert Ladd and James M. Scobbie; 10. Commentary: consonant strengthening and lengthening in various languages Jonathan Harrington; Part III. Phonetic Interpretation and Syllable Structure: 11. On the factorability of phonological units in speech perception Terrance M. Nearey; 12 Articulatory correlates of ambisyllabicity in English glides and liquids Bryan Gick; 13. Extrinsic phonetic interpretation: spectral variation in English liquids Paul Carter; 14. Temporal constraints and characterising syllable structuring Kenneth De Jong; 15. Commentary: some thought on syllables: an old fashioned interlude Peter Ladefoged; Part IV. Phonology and Natural Speech Production: Tasks, Contrasts and Explanations: 16. The interaction of the phonetics and phonology of Gutturals Bushra Adnan Zawaydeh; 17. Pitch discrimination during breathy versus modal phonation Daniel Silverman; 18. The phonetic interpretation of register: evidence from Yorùbá Katrina Hayward, Justin Watkins and Akin Oyètádé; 19. Speech rhythm in English and Japanese Keiichi Tajima and Robert F. Port; 20. Commentary: on the interpretation of speakers' performance Gerard J. Docherty; References; Index of names; Index of subjects.


John Local, Richard Ogden, Rosalind Temple, Mary E. Beckman, Janet Pierrehumbert, Sarah Hawkins, Noël Nguyen, Jennifer Hay, Richard Wright, John Coleman, John Harris, Mariapaola D'Imperio, Barbara Gili Fivela, Patricia Keating, Taehong Cho, Cécile Fougeron, Chai-Shune Hsu, D. Robert Ladd, James Scobbie, Jonathan Harrington, Terrance M. Nearey, Bryan Gick, Paul Carter, Kenneth De Jong, Peter Ladefoged, Bushra Adnan Zawaydeh, Daniel Silverman, Katrina Hayward, Justin Watkins, Akin Oyètádé, Keiichi Tajima, Robert F. Port, Gerard J. Docherty

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