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The Cambridge History of Latin America


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521395243)

The Cambridge History of Latin America, the first large-scale authoritative survey of Latin American history from ca. 1500 to the present day, is a work of international collaborative scholarship. It aims to provide a high-level synthesis of existing knowledge in chapters written by leading scholars in their fields. Each chapter is accompanied by a bibliographical essay. Volume 9: Brazil since 1930 is the final volume of the 12 volume History to be published. It examines the profound political, economic, and social changes experienced by Brazil in the 70 years from 1930 to the present day. Part I consists of four chapters on politics in Brazil: 1930–45, 1945–64, 1964–85, and 1985–2002. Part II consists of three chapters on the Brazilian economy: 1930–80, 1980–94, and 1994–2004, and one chapter on social continuity and social change in Brazil from 1930 to 2000.

• The first comprehensive history of Brazil from 1930 to c 2000 in English • Written by leading specialists on Brazil, all but one of them Brazilian • Combines political, economic, and social history


Part I. Politics: 1. Politics in Brazil under Vargas 1930–45 Leslie Bethell; 2. Politics in Brazil under the Liberal Republic 1945–64 Leslie Bethell; 3. Politics in Brazil under military rule 1964–85 Leslie Bethell and Celso Castro; 4. Politics in Brazil since 1985 Leslie Bethell and Jairo Nicolau; Part II: 5. The Brazilian economy 1930–80 Marcelo de Paiva Abreu; 6. The Brazilian economy 1980–94 Marcelo de Paiva Abreu; 7. The Brazilian economy since 1994: an interim assessment Marcelo de Paiva Abreu and Rogerio L. F. Werneck; 8. Brazilian society: continuity and change 1920–2000 Nelson do Valle Silva and Leslie Bethell.


'In-depth information … Worthwhile.' American Reference Books Annual

'This recently published volume in the Cambridge History of Latin America series offers an in-depth survey of Brazilian economic and political history from 1930 to the present … the chapters' main strength throughout this volume is the plethora of statistical information, data, and graphs, which will be indispensable to students, researchers, and lecturers.' M. E. Kehren, Choice


Leslie Bethell, Celso Castro, Jairo Nicolau, Marcelo de Paiva Abreu, Rogerio L. F. Werneck, Nelson do Valle Silva

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