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From Semantics to Computer Science


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521518253)

Gilles Kahn was one of the most influential figures in the development of computer science and information technology, not only in Europe but throughout the world. This volume of articles by several leading computer scientists serves as a fitting memorial to Kahn's achievements and reflects the broad range of subjects to which he contributed through his scientific research and his work at INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. The authors also reflect upon the future of computing: how it will develop as a subject in itself and how it will affect other disciplines, from biology and medical informatics, to web and networks in general. Its breadth of coverage, topicality, originality and depth of contribution, make this book a stimulating read for all those interested in the future development of information technology.

• Consists of 26 essays, each written by leading researchers in their field • Topics addressed range from semantics, to medical imaging, to bio-informatics, and beyond • Combines more traditional topics with advanced and contemporary research in computer science


Preface; List of contributors; 1. Determinacy in a synchronous π-calculus Roberto Amadio and Mehdi Dogguy; 2. Classical coordination mechanisms in the chemical model Jean-Pierre Banâtre, Pascal Fradet and Yann Radenac; 3. Sequential algorithms as bistable maps Pierre-Louis Curien; 4. The semantics of dataflow with firing Edward A. Lee and Eleftherios Matsikoudis; 5. Kahn networks at the dawn of functional programming David B. MacQueen; 6. A simple type-theoretic language: mini-TT Thierry Coquand, Yoshiki Kinoshita, Bengt Nordström, and Makoto Takeyama; 7. Program semantics and infinite regular terms Bruno Courcelle; 8. Algorithms for equivalence and reduction to minimal form for a class of simple recursive equations Bruno Courcelle, Gilles Kahn, and Jean Vuillemin; 9. Generalized finite developments Jean-Jacques Lévy; 10. Semantics of program representation graphs G. Ramalingam and Thomas Reps; 11. Tribute to a great meta-technologist - from centaur to the meta-environment Paul Klint; 12. Towards a theory of document structure Bengt Nordström; 13. Grammars as software libraries Aarne Ranta; 14. The Leordo computation system Erik Sandewall; 15. Theorem proving support in programming language semantics Yves Bertot; 16. Nominal verification of algorithm W Christian Urban and Tobias Nipkow; 17. A constructive denotational semantics for Kahn networks in Coq Christine Paulin-Mohring; 18. Asclepios: a research project-team at INRIA for the analysis and simulation of biomedical images Nicholas Ayache, Olivier Clatz, Hervé Delingette, Grégoire Malandain, Xavier Pennec and Maxime Sermesant; 19. Proxy caching in split TCP: dynamics, stability and tail asymptotics François Baccelli, Giovanna Carofiglio, and Serguei Foss; 20. Two-by-two static, evolutionary, and dynamic games Pierre Bernhard and Frédéric Hamelin; 21. Reversal strategies for adjoint algorithms Laurent Hascoët; 22. Reflections on INRIA and the role of Gilles Kahn Alain Bensoussan; 23. Can a systems biologist fix a tamagotchi? Luca Cardelli; 24. Computational science: a new frontier for computing Andrew Herbert; 25. The descendants of centaur: a personal view on Gilles Kahn's work Emmanuel Ledinot; 26. The tower of informatic models Robin Milner.


Roberto Amadio, Mehdi Dogguy, Jean-Pierre Banâtre, Pascal Fradet, Yann Radenac, Pierre-Louis Curien, Edward A. Lee, Eleftherios Matsikoudis, David B. MacQueen, Thierry Coquand, Yoshiki Kinoshita, Bengt Nordström, Makoto Takeyama, Bruno Courcelle, Gilles Kahn, Jean Vuillemin, Jean-Jacques Lévy, G. Ramalingam, Thomas Reps, Paul Klint, Aarne Ranta, Erik Sandewall, Yves Bertot, Christian Urban, Tobias Nipkow, Christine Paulin-Mohring, Nicholas Ayache, Olivier Clatz, Hervé Delingette, Grégoire Malandain, Xavier Pennec, Maxime Sermesant, François Baccelli, Giovanna Carofiglio, Serguei Foss, Pierre Bernhard, Frédéric Hamelin, Laurent Hascoët, Alain Bensoussan, Luca Cardelli, Andrew Herbert, Emmanuel Ledinot, Robin Milner

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