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The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521539388)

The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy examines Hegel within his broader historical and philosophical contexts. Covering all major aspects of Hegel's philosophy, the volume provides an introduction to his logic, epistemology, philosophy of mind, social and political philosophy, philosophy of nature and aesthetics. It includes essays by an internationally recognised team of Hegel scholars. The volume begins with Terry Pinkard's article on Hegel's life, a conspectus of his biography on Hegel. It also explores some topics much neglected in Hegel scholarship: such as Hegel's hermeneutics and relationship to mysticism. Aimed at students and scholars of Hegel, this volume will be essential reading for anyone interested in nineteenth-century philosophy. The bibliography includes the most important English-language literature on Hegel written in the last fifteen years.

• Essential reading for anyone interested in nineteenth-century philosophy • Covers all aspects of Hegel's varied and influential philosophy • Features an introductory biographical essay based on Terry Pinkard's biography


1. Hegel: a life Terry Pinkard; 2. Ancient skepticism and modern nihilism in Hegel's early writings Paul Franks; 3. Hegel's Phenomenology as a systematic fragment Jon Stewart; 4. The independence and dependence of self-consciousness: the dialectic of lordship and bondage in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit Paul Redding; 5. Hegel's logic Stephen Houlgate; 6. Hegel's idealism Robert Stern; 7. Hegel and hermeneutics Michael Forster; 8. Hegel's social philosophy Frederick Neuhouser; 9. Hegel's philosophy of religion Peter Hodgson; 10. Hegel and mysticism Glenn Magee; 11. Philosophizing about nature: Hegel's philosophical project Kenneth Westphal; 12. Hegel's criticism of Newton Edward Halper; 13. The logic of life: Hegel's defense of teleological explanation of living beings James Kreines; 14. Hegel and aesthetics: the practice and 'pastness' of art Allen Speight; 15. The absence of aesthetics in Hegel's aesthetics Robert Pippin.


'… this new Companion opens up a wide range of current interpretations of Hegel's work …' Reference Reviews


Terry Pinkard, Paul Franks, Jon Stewart, Paul Redding, Stephen Houlgate, Robert Stern, Michael Forster, Frederick Neuhouser, Peter C. Hodgson, Glenn Magee, Kenneth R. Westphal, Edward Halper, Jim Kreines, Allen Speight, Robert Pippin

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