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Frontiers of Research in Economic Theory


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521632225 | ISBN-10: 0521632226)

'Leading economists presenting fundamentally important issues in economic theory' is the theme of the Nancy Schwartz lectures series held annually at the J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University. Reporting on lectures delivered in the years 1983 through 1997, this collection of essays discusses economic behavior at the individual and group level and the implications to the performance of economic systems. Using non-technical language, the speakers present theoretical, experimental, and empirical analysis of decision making under uncertainty and under full and bounded rationality, the influence of economic incentives and habits, and the effects of learning and evolution on dynamic choice. Perfect competition, economic development, social insurance and social mobility, and negotiation and economic survival, are major economic subjects analyzed through our understanding of economic behavior.

• Accessible article length treatments of major themes in economic theory of the past 15 years, for upper level undergraduates and above • Contributors are world class, including Nobel Prize winners R. Selten, R. Lucas, G. Becker, as well as University of Chicago President H. Sonnenschein, R. Aumann, A. Mas-Collel, V. Smith, P. Diamond, and D. Kreps • Includes topics such as dynamic choice theory, perfect competition, social insurance, social mobility, and learning theory


Editors' foreword; The Schwartz Lectures; Nancy Lou Schwartz M. I. Kamien; Publications of Nancy L. Schwartz; The Lectures: 1983. The economics of incentives: an introductory account Hugo Sonnenschein; 1984. On the theory of perfect competition Andreu Mas-Colell; 1985. On the role of 'Dutch books' in the theory of choice under risk Menahem E. Yaari; 1986. Rationality and bounded rationality Robert J. Aumann; 1987. On the mechanics of economic development Robert E. Lucas, Jr; 1988. Knightian uncertainty Truman F. Bewley; 1989. Evolution, learning, and economic behavior Reinhard Selten; 1990. Experimental economics: behavioral lessons for microeconomic theory and policy Vernon L. Smith; 1991. Habits, addictions, and traditions Gary S. Becker; 1993. Issues in social insurance Peter A. Diamond; 1994. Negotiation with private information: litigation and strikes Robert B. Wilson; 1995. Economic survival Roy Radner; 1996. Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves: the economics of social mobility Nancy L. Stokey; 1997. Anticipated utility and dynamic choice David M. Kreps.


M. I. Kamien, Hugo Sonnenschein, Andreu Mas-Colell, Menahem E. Yaari, Robert J. Aumann, Robert E. Lucas, Jr, Truman F. Bewley, Reinhard Selten, Vernon L. Smith, Gary S. Becker, Peter A. Diamond, Robert B. Wilson, Roy Radner, Nancy L. Stokey, David M. Kreps

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