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Permutation Patterns


  • 55 b/w illus. 20 exercises
  • Page extent: 352 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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  • Dewey number: 511/.64
  • Dewey version: 23
  • LC Classification: QA164 .I582 2007
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Combinatorial analysis--Congresses
    • Probabilities--Congresses

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521728348)

The study of permutation patterns is a thriving area of combinatorics that relates to many other areas of mathematics, including graph theory, enumerative combinatorics, model theory, the theory of automata and languages, and bioinformatics. Arising from the Fifth International Conference on Permutation Patterns, held in St Andrews in June 2007, this volume contains a mixture of survey and research articles by leading experts, and includes the two invited speakers, Martin Klazar and Mike Atkinson. Together, the collected articles cover all the significant strands of current research: structural methods and simple patterns, generalisations of patterns, various enumerative aspects, machines and networks, packing, and more. Specialists in this area and other researchers in combinatorics and related fields will find much of interest in this book. In addition, the volume provides plenty of material accessible to advanced undergraduates and is a suitable reference for projects and dissertations.

• Provides a snapshot of the area's current state of development • Gives an insight into links with other areas of combinatorics and mathematics • Includes an appendix containing a selection of open problems


Preface; 1. Some general results in combinatorial enumeration Martin Klazar; 2. A survey of simple permutations Robert Brignall; 3. Permuting machines and permutation patterns Mike Atkinson; 4. On three different notions of monotone subsequences Miklós Bóna; 5. A survey on partially ordered patterns Sergey Kitaev; 6. Generalized permutation patterns - a short survey Einar Steingrímsson; 7. An introduction to structural methods in permutation patterns Michael Albert; 8. Combinatorial properties of permutation tableaux Alexander Burstein and Niklas Eriksen; 9. Enumeration schemes for words avoiding permutations Lara Pudwell; 10. The lexicographic first occurrence of a I-II-III pattern Torey Burton, Anant P. Godbole and Brett M. Kindle; 11. Enumeration of partitions by rises, levels and descents Toufik Mansour and Augustine O. Munagi; 12. Restricted patience sorting and barred pattern avoidance Alexander Burstein and Isaiah Lankham; 13. Permutations with k-regular descent patterns Anthony Mendes, Jeffrey B. Remmel and Amanda Riehl; 14. Packing rates of measures and a conjecture for the packing density of 2413 Cathleen Battiste Presutti and Walter Stromquist; 15. On the permutational power of token passing networks Michael Albert, Steve Linton and Nik Rŭskuc; 16. Problems and conjectures.


Martin Klazar, Robert Brignall, Mike Atkinson, Miklós Bóna, Sergey Kitaev, Einar Steingrímsson, Michael Albert, Alexander Burstein, Niklas Eriksen, Lara Pudwell, Torey Burton, Anant P. Godbole, Brett M. Kindle, Toufik Mansour, Augustine O. Munagi, Alexander Burstein, Isaiah Lankham, Anthony Mendes, Jeffrey B. Remmel, Amanda Riehl, Cathleen Battiste Presutti, Walter Stromquist, Steve Linton, Nik Rŭskuc

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