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Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Hong Kong 2008


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521739702)

This volume is a collection of articles based on the plenary talks presented at the 2008 meeting in Hong Kong of the Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics. The talks were given by some of the foremost world authorities in computational mathematics. The topics covered reflect the breadth of research within the area as well as the richness and fertility of interactions between seemingly unrelated branches of pure and applied mathematics. As a result this volume will be of interest to researchers in the field of computational mathematics and also to non-experts who wish to gain some insight into the state of the art in this active and significant field.

• Chapters based on plenary talks given by world authorities • Reflects the richness and diversity of the area of computational mathematics • Written to appeal to non-experts and to specialists


Preface; Contributors; 1. Smoothed analysis of condition numbers Peter Bürgisser; 2. A world of binomials Alicia Dickenstein; 3. Linear and nonlinear subdivision schemes in geometric modeling Nira Dyn; 4. Energy preserving and energy stable schemes for the shallow water equations Ulrik Fjordholm, Siddhartha Mishra and Eitan Tadmor; 5. Pathwise convergence of numerical schemes for random and stochastic differential equations A. Jentzen, P. E. Kloeden and A. Neuenkirch; 6. Some properties of the global behaviour of conservative low-dimensional systems Carles Simó; 7. A panoramic view of asymptotics R. Wong; 8. Tractability of multivariate problems H. Woźniakowski.


Peter Bürgisser, Alicia Dickenstein, Nira Dyn, Ulrik Fjordholm, Siddhartha Mishra, Eitan Tadmor, A. Jentzen, P. E. Kloeden, A. Neuenkirch, Carles Simó, R. Wong, H. Woźniakowski

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