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Mesoscale Dynamics

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  • Page extent: 646 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521808750)

Mesoscale weather systems are responsible for numerous natural disasters, such as damaging winds, blizzards and flash flooding. A fundamental understanding of the underlying dynamics involved in these weather systems is essential in forecasting their occurrence. This 2007 book provides a systematic approach to this subject. The opening chapters introduce the basic equations governing mesoscale weather systems and their approximations. The subsequent chapters cover four major areas of mesoscale dynamics: wave dynamics, moist convection, front dynamics and mesoscale modelling. This is an ideal book on the subject for researchers in meteorology and atmospheric science. With over 100 problems, and password-protected solutions available to instructors at, this book could also serve as a textbook for graduate students. Modelling projects, providing hands-on practice for building simple models of stratified fluid flow from a one-dimensional advection equation, are also described.

• A wide range of weather phenomena is described making this a great all-in-one guide to mesoscale dynamics • Modelling projects are included to allow reader to get hands on experience in developing simple models • Each chapter ends with review questions; featured problems with solutions allow for the book to be used on select courses for graduates


Preface; 1. Overview; 2. Governing equations for mesoscale motions; 3. Basic wave dynamics; 4. Mesoscale wave generation and maintenance; 5. Orographically forced flows; 6. Thermally forced flows; 7. Mesoscale instabilities; 8. Isolated convective storms; 9. Mesoscale convective systems; 10. Dynamics of fronts and jet streaks; 11. Dynamics of orographic precipitation; 12. Basic numerical methods; 13. Numerical modeling of geophysical fluid systems; 14. Parameterization of physical processes; Appendices; Index.


Reviews of the hardback: '… a readable, beautifully presented and well-balanced text that should find a place on the bookshelves of many university libraries.' Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

'… a good addition to the libraries of graduate students interested in the mesoscale.' EOS

'The book is of reference for researches in meteorology and atmospheric science. It can also serve as a textbook for graduate students containing many applicative problems and modeling projects on the atmospheric phenomena.' Professor Gheorghe Zet, Iasi Polytechnic Magazine

'Lin's book is well-suited for graduate students in meteorology and related disciplines.' Meteorologische Zeitschrift

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