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Electrical Neuroimaging


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521879798)

Electrical neuroimaging is based on the analysis of brain electrical activity recorded from the human scalp with multichannel EEG. It offers enormous potential for the dynamic mapping of brain functions, and for the non-invasive diagnosis of neurological and psychiatric conditions. This authoritative reference gives a systematic overview of new electrical imaging methods, with a sound introduction to the basics of multichannel recording of EEG and event-related potential (ERP) data, as well as spatio-temporal analysis of the potential fields. The book enables researchers to measure valid data, select and apply appropriate analysis strategies, and avoid the most common mistakes when analyzing and interpreting EEG/ERP data. Importantly, it informs the research communities of the possibilities opened by these space-domain oriented approaches to the analysis of brain electrical activity, and of their potential to offer even more powerful diagnostic techniques when integrated with other clinically relevant data.

• Clear guidance on analysis procedures helps the reader to understand and successfully perform each step • A sound theoretical background of analysis procedures clarifies the reason for each analysis step and the possibilities for interpretation • Includes practical examples of illustrative studies and approaches • Fully illustrated in color


1. From neuronal activity to scalp potential fields Daniel Brandeis, Christoph M. Michel and Florin Amzica; 2. Scalp field maps and their characterization Thomas Koenig and Lorena R. R. Gianotti; 3. Imaging the electric neuronal generators of EEG/MEG Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui, Kensuke Sekihara, Daniel Brandeis and Christoph M. Michel; 4. Data acquisition and pre-processing standards for electrical neuroimaging Christoph M. Michel and Daniel Brandeis; 5. Overview of analytical approaches Thomas Koenig and Jiří Wackermann; 6. Electrical neuroimaging in the time domain Christoph M. Michel, Thomas Koenig and Daniel Brandeis; 7. Multichannel frequency and time-frequency analysis Thomas Koenig and Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui; 8. Statistical analysis of multichannel scalp field data Thomas Koenig and Lester Melie-García; 9. State space representation and global descriptors of brain electrical activity Jiří Wackermann and Carsten Allefeld; 10. Integration with other functional imaging methods Daniel Brandeis, Christoph M. Michel, Thomas Koenig and Lorena R. R. Gianotti.


'I trust this volume can become an authoritative reference that gives a systematic overview of the theoretical and practical possibilities offered by a strictly topographical analysis of EEG and ERP data.; Kognitive Neurophysiologie des Menschen


Daniel Brandeis, Christoph M. Michel, Florin Amzica, Thomas Koenig, Lorena R. R. Gianotti, Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui, Kensuke Sekihara, Jiří Wackermann, Lester Melie-García, Carsten Allefeld

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