Seven Ways to Encourage Children to Read

Emma McCrea

We’ve put together our hints and tips to help you make reading a positive and enjoyable experience – we hope you find them useful.

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7 ways to encourage children to read 

  • Get comfortable – children can be easily distracted. To increase focus and enjoyment, find a reading spot that is comfortable and has no distractions.
  • Be positive – children respond better to reading when they feel they are in a supportive environment. Let them finish their sentence before pointing out mistakes.
  • Work it out together – reading tools such as spelling out the word using letter sounds will help a child to understand unfamiliar words and build their vocabulary.
  • Build their confidence – if you suspect a book is too hard or easy swap it for a different level. Making sure children are reading at the right level will help build their confidence.
  • Praise frequently – regular praise is an excellent tool that will encourage children to continue developing their reading skills. Children enjoy feeling as though they are doing a good job.
  • Talk about the story – discussing the story you’re about to read with a child will help to increase their enjoyment of reading and improve their comprehension skills.
  • Let them pick their own book – every child has different interests. Letting them pick their own book helps keep them engaged and encourages a love of reading.


encourage children to read

If you have enjoyed these 7 ways to encourage children to read, you can download the infographic above by right clicking and saving. 

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