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8b - The Jews under Hasmonean rule

from PART I
The Roman seizure of Jerusalem in the autumn of 63 BC brought to a close a formative period in Jewish history. One of the rival Hasmoneans remained in control of a reduced Jewish entity, and he was made subject to Roman taxation and to the Roman order. This was the political outcome, together with a divided population and substantial discontent. The best way to understand the emergence of the Hasmoneans as powerful rulers in Judaea, is to look back to the beginning of the story. The Philistine town of Akron with its territory was acquired by way of reward. Other lasting results of his activities were the permanent garrisoning of Beth Zur, on Judaea's southern line, which was the Syrians' last remaining fortress apart from the Akra in Jerusalem. The association of the cities with an image of Hellenism belongs more to the ideology of the Roman conqueror than to the mentality of the Jewish king.
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The Cambridge Ancient History
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