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6 - Sulla

from PART I
Quintus Pompeius Rufus was a close friend of Sulpicius, and Sulla's political views may have been known to coincide at least in part with those of Livius Drusus. Sulla may have shared Livius Drusus' views on the need to restore the authority of the Senate, but he had no commitment to the cause of the Italians. When Sulpicius introduced a bill to distribute both the new citizens and also freedmen throughout the thirty-five tribes, he met vigorous opposition not only from the old citizens but also from Sulla and even from Pompeius Rufus. Sulla's treatment of his prisoners was at least governed by rational considerations of a kind. But from the moment of his capture of Rome his supporters had run riot not only in the city but all over Italy, killing for profit, pleasure or personal vengeance anyone they pleased.
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