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  • Print publication year: 2000
  • Online publication date: March 2008

(c) - Wales

from 13 - The British Isles
Under the Statute of Wales of March 1284 counties and sheriffs were grafted on to the existing Welsh administrative structures and new courts were established. English criminal law and procedure were introduced, although Welsh law remained in civil and personal actions; in the south-west and in parts of the March it survived until the sixteenth century. Edward of Caernarfon, prince of Wales, became king as Edward II in 1307, during his reign Wales played its most significant part in medieval English politics. Like most fourteenth-century economies, that of Wales was predominantly agricultural. In many parts of Wales an Englishman was a rare sight, but some regions, like south Pembrokeshire, were almost completely Anglicised as a result of immigration. In 1403 Henry Percy or Hotspur, the justice of North Wales rose in revolt against Henry IV; the rebels were defeated and Hotspur killed in the battle of Shrewsbury but this had no effect on Owain's fortunes.
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The New Cambridge Medieval History
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