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  • Print publication year: 2013
  • Online publication date: October 2015

Banjaran Singhasari

from Appendices

Banjaran Singhasari was performed from June to November 1992 by the East Java Ballet at the Amphitheatre Taman Candra Wilwatikta in Pandaan, Pasuruan Regency. The synopsis of this dance drama was published in a trilingual edition — English, Indonesian and Javanese. Banjaran Singhasari. Surabaya: Dinas Pariwisata Daerah, Propinsi Dati I Jati, 1992. In the selection presented here I offer an edited version of the English texts found on pp. 43–65.

Performance of Saturday, September 26, 1992, 7:30 P.M.

VIII. Kertanegara's effort to unite the Indonesian Archipelago.

After Shri Wisnuwardhana died in 1268, his son, Kertanegara succeeded him as king. The kingdom of Singhasari expanded for even though he was young, he was always victorious in war. Singhasari had truly entered a glorious era; it was easy to get clothing and food, and people lived secure.

The people embraced the Hindu and Buddhist religions and were obedient to them.

The unification of the countries beyond Java began under Panji Gula Kelapa. Swarnabumi in the western part, Nusa Cendana in the eastern, Seram, Ambon, and Kalimantan Islands in the northern part were now ruled by Shri Baginda Maharaja Kertanegara.

Narrated: Shri prabu Kertanegara was not happy to see foreign Chinese merchants come in and out of Nusantara without heeding the sovereignty of the state which they visited and they were unwilling to pay tax. They ignored his sovereignty, and that is why King Kertanegara ordered Ki Kebo Anabrang to meet Prabu Darmasaraya in Palembang to invite him to stop the Chinese merchants who would try to come through Malaka Strait. Prabu Darmasaraya agreed with the idea of prabu Kertanegara to close Malaka Strait, and that made Shri Khan, the King of China disappointed.

Shri Wisnuwardhana is dead,

His son named Kertanagara succeeds him as king,

A noble whose supernatural powers

are without equal.

Though he is very young,

He is a capable ruler,

Solving every problem,

He never makes mistakes.

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