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Policy Journals

Welcome to the home for Policy Journals on Core, including our key titles: Health Economics, Policy and Law, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Social Policy and Social Policy and Society

BPP blog

  • Why a calorie count won’t spoil a good feast
  • 06 December 2022, Tony Hockley (LSE)
  • Sarah Watters investigates the evidence on the weak effect of "physical activity calorie equivalent" food menu labelling. Why might it not work in the real...
  • A Science for Implementing Behavioural Science
  • 05 December 2022, Tony Hockley (LSE)
  • Without deliberate investigation of the methods required to systematically improve the take-up of evidence in real-world settings, at scale, grounded in an An implementation science for behavioural public policy is crucial if, as researchers, we want to effect real change. … More A Science for Implementing Behavioural Science...

Social Policy blog

  • Charitable Income and the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • 24 March 2023, jspspsmediaeditor
  • This blog is based on an article in the Journal of Social Policy by David Clifford, Diarmuid McDonnell and John Mohan. Click here to access the article. What...