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Cambridge Asylum & Migration Studies - Free Chapters

At no time in modern history have so many people been on the move as at present. Migration facilitates critical social, economic, and humanitarian linkages. But it may also challenge prevailing notions of bounded political communities, of security, and of international law. This new series aims to be a forum for innovative writing on all aspects of the transitional movement of people. It publishes single or co-authored works that may be legal, political, or cross-disciplinary in nature. As part of World Refugee Day 2018 we are offering access for 1 month to the most downloaded book chapters from our series so far. For more information on the series, please visit the homepage at

WRD cambridge asylum series

The Voting Rights of Refugees

The Gendered Dark Side of Family Life

  • The Gendered Dark Side of Family Life
  • 08 March 2018, Daphna Hacker
  • On March 8th, all over the world, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. This important day was initiated by socialist women in the beginning of the 20th...