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Marie Curie at 150 - Celebrating women in STEM

What does it mean to celebrate Marie Curie and Women in STEM?

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Out of the Shadows

Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to Physics

Edited by:
Nina Byers, University of California, Los Angeles
Gary Williams, University of California, Los Angeles

"This book fills a vacuum in the history of physics. For the first time we have in one place clear accounts of careers and contributions to physics of 40 distinguished women from a variety of fields. In particular, the authors are informed insiders with intimate knowledge of their fields who often provide fresh information about their subjects...'' Margaret W. Rossite, Cornell University

Read the introduction from Editor Nina Byers online

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

An Autobiography and Other Recollections 2nd Edition

Author: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
Edited by: Katherine Haramundanis, DIGITAL Equipment Corporation, Massachusetts

"[Payne-Gaposchkin] did not receive fair treatment in her career, but this book is testement to her dogged persistence." - Journal of the British Astronomical Association
"The book artfully records a life of warmths and delight won against obsessive, powerful but pervasive forces. The record has a value beyond its period and circle. This is a chronicle of affirmation and hope, a near-poetic witness to a burst of profound discovery insufficiently recognised." - Philip Morrison, Scientific American

Read the historical introduction from Peggy Kidwell and a personal introduction from Katherine Haramundanis online

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