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Instructions for Authors

AJIL invites submissions on international law subjects as well as closely related issues of global governance, transnational law, and foreign relations law. It generally does not publish manuscripts focused on purely private or commercial law or on comparative or foreign law. AJIL Unbound publishes symposia of short, original essays on select topics.

To submit your paper to AJIL:

1. Decide on what type of paper you would like to submit. AJIL publishes the following types of papers:

Lead Article: research article of up to 30,000 words, including footnotes

Essay: shorter article of up to 11,000 words, with less extensive footnotes

Editorial Comment: manuscripts of up to 11,000 words written by members of the AJIL Board of Editors

Current Development: comments on recent developments in the field of up to 11,000 words; many will be shorter, e.g., 5000 words

International Decision: up to 3500-word case notes on final decisions (not subject to further appeal) of international courts or national courts on international law issues. Proposals to write case notes can be sent to the section editor, Harlan Cohen ( More information on International Decision proposals and manuscript guidelines can be found here.

Contemporary Practice of the United States related to International Law: content generated by section editor, Jean Galbraith, and not open to outside submissions

Book Review: solicited by the section editor, Richard Bilder, but suggestions for books to be reviewed and topics for longer review essays can be made here

2. Prepare your paper using the detailed AJIL Instructions for Authors guide

3. Submit your manuscript via AJIL’s online submission system on ScholarOne or via Scholastica, unless otherwise described above

To propose a Symposium for AJIL Unbound:

1. Read the detailed AJIL Unbound Instructions for Contributors

2. Submit your proposal online via this form

Advice from the Editors-In-Chief on submissions to AJIL