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The genetic background of clinical mastitis in Holstein-Friesian cattle

  • J. Szyda (a1) (a2), M. Mielczarek (a1) (a2), M. Frąszczak (a1), G. Minozzi (a3), J. L. Williams (a4) and K. Wojdak-Maksymiec (a5)...


Mastitis is an inflammatory disease of the mammary gland, which has a significant economic impact and is an animal welfare concern. This work examined the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and copy number variations (CNVs) with the incidence of clinical mastitis (CM). Using information from 16 half-sib pairs of Holstein-Friesian cows (32 animals in total) we searched for genomic regions that differed between a healthy (no incidence of CM) and a mastitis-prone (multiple incidences of CM) half-sib. Three cows with average sequence depth of coverage below 10 were excluded, which left 13 half-sib pairs available for comparisons. In total, 191 CNV regions were identified, which were deleted in a mastitis-prone cow, but present in its healthy half-sib and overlapped in at least nine half-sib pairs. These regions overlapped with exons of 46 genes, among which APP (BTA1), FOXL2 (BTA1), SSFA2 (BTA2), OTUD3 (BTA2), ADORA2A (BTA17), TXNRD2 (BTA17) and NDUFS6 (BTA20) have been reported to influence CM. Moreover, two duplicated CNV regions present in nine healthy individuals and absent in their mastitis-affected half-sibs overlapped with exons of a cholinergic receptor nicotinic α 10 subunit on BTA15 and a novel gene (ENSBTAG00000008519) on BTA27. One CNV region deleted in nine mastitis-affected sibs overlapped with two neighbouring long non-coding RNA sequences located on BTA12. Single nucleotide polymorphisms with differential genotypes between a healthy and a mastitis-affected sib included 17 polymorphisms with alternate alleles in eight affected and healthy half-sib families. Three of these SNPs were located introns of genes: MET (BTA04), RNF122 (BTA27) and WRN (BTA27). In summary, structural polymorphisms in form of CNVs, putatively play a role in susceptibility to CM. Specifically, sequence deletions have a greater effect on reducing resistance against mastitis, than sequence duplications have on increasing resistance against the disease.


Corresponding author


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The genetic background of clinical mastitis in Holstein-Friesian cattle

  • J. Szyda (a1) (a2), M. Mielczarek (a1) (a2), M. Frąszczak (a1), G. Minozzi (a3), J. L. Williams (a4) and K. Wojdak-Maksymiec (a5)...


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