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Collembola fauna of the South Shetland Islands revisited

  • Penelope Greenslade (a1) (a2)


A review of the collembolan fauna of the South Shetland Islands is presented. Cryptopygus nanjiensis Yue & Tamura is synonymized with C. antarcticus Willem. A record of Tullbergia mediantarctica Wise from King George Island is considered a misidentification of Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren and Tillieria penai Weiner & Najt, described from the same island, is synonymized with T. mixta. The current fauna stands at eleven species, of which at least three are introduced. A checklist of Collembola currently considered to occur in the South Shetland Islands is supplied with distributional data.


Corresponding author


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Collembola fauna of the South Shetland Islands revisited

  • Penelope Greenslade (a1) (a2)


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