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Bioarchaeological and climatological evidence for the fate of Norse farmers in medieval Greenland

  • P. C. Buckland (a1), T. Amorosi (a2), L. K. Barlow (a3), A. J. Dugmore (a4), P. A. Mayewski (a5), T. H. McGovern (a2), A. E. J. Ogilvie (a3), J. P. Sadler (a6) and P. Skidmore (a1)...


Greenland, far north land of the Atlantic, has often been beyond the limit of European farming settlement. One of its Norse settlements, colonized just before AD 1000, is — astonishingly — not even at the southern tip, but a way up the west coast, the ‘Western Settlement’. Environmental studies show why its occupation came to an end within five centuries, leaving Greenland once more a place of Arctic-adapted hunters.



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