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New evidence for an early date for the Aegean Late Bronze Age and Thera eruption

  • Sturt W. Manning (a1), Christopher Bronk Ramsey (a2), Christos Doumas (a3), Toula Marketou (a4), Gerald Cadogan (a5) and Charlotte L. Pearson (a1)...


The authors report on radiocarbon data derived from carefully selected organic material from Late Minoan IA and IB contexts. The results suggest that the accepted chronology of the period should be revised by 100 years and that the eruption of Thera/Santorini most likely occurred c. 1650–1620 BC.



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New evidence for an early date for the Aegean Late Bronze Age and Thera eruption

  • Sturt W. Manning (a1), Christopher Bronk Ramsey (a2), Christos Doumas (a3), Toula Marketou (a4), Gerald Cadogan (a5) and Charlotte L. Pearson (a1)...


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