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Bilingualism as a kind of therapy?

  • Aafke Hulk (a1) and Sharon Unsworth (a2)


In her very interesting Keynote Article, Johanne Paradis gives a clear overview of recent research at the interface of bilingual development and child language disorders, and highlights its theoretical and clinical implications. She raises the challenging question of “whether bilingualism can be viewed as a kind of ‘therapy’ for SLI.” At first sight, this is perhaps a surprising question, because one of the predominant views in the literature is that bilingual children with specific language impairment (SLI) will exhibit difficulties and perhaps a “double delay.” It is this challenging question that we consider in more detail here.



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Bilingualism as a kind of therapy?

  • Aafke Hulk (a1) and Sharon Unsworth (a2)


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