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CPD Online is an e-learning resource provided by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The website contains a range of learning modules and podcasts that provide a flexible, interactive way of keeping up to date with progress in mental health. College members may use CPD Online for up to 25 CPD points in the UK. Access to the modules is through annual subscription, but we also offer a series of free modules for you to trial first.

For more information, visit the CPD Online website:

Recent modules and podcasts

Mechanisms of antipsychotic drugsMechanisms of antipsychotic drugs

The pharmacological basis of the action of antipsychotic drugs is essential to understanding their effects and limitations in symptom relief, as well as their adverse effects. This module will focus on the pharmacological mechanisms of the antipsychotic drugs that underlie their actions on the symptoms of schizophrenia.
CPD credits: 1

Podcast: The scientific search for the selfPodcast The scientific search for the self

In this podcast, author of the 2017 book Stranger in the Mirror, Professor Robert Levine, talks to Dr Raj Persaud about a range of case studies and scientific experiments that challenge the ideas we hold about ‘the self’, and questions whether we as human beings are more malleable and capable of change than we realise.
CPD credits: 0.5

Podcast: Disenchantment: managing motivation and demotivation at workPodcast Disenchantment: managing motivation and demotivation at work

Disenchantment is commonplace in the workplace, but how can it be tackled? In this podcast, Dr Raj Persaud talks to Professor Adrian Furnham about his recently released book with Luke Treglown, Disenchantment: Managing Motivation and Demotivation at Work, to explore the theories behind job satisfaction and enchantment, and how organisations and individuals can work to improve engagement and motivation.
CPD credits: 0.5

Critical psychiatryCritical psychiatry

Critical psychiatry is a broad critique of mainstream psychiatry that challenges some of its most deeply held assumptions, drawing on philosophy, history, anthropology, social science and mental health service users' experiences. This module defines critical psychiatry and examines the understanding of and the responses to mental disorder.
CPD credits: 1.5

Podcast: Soul Machine: the invention of the modern mindPodcast Soul Machine: the invention of the modern mind

Increasing secularism during the 18th century Enlightenment period led to the emergence of a natural concept of ‘the mind’ as a separate from the previously accepted body-soul duality. Here Dr Raj Persaud talks to award-winning historian and author of the book Soul Machine, Dr George Makari, about some of the key historical cases that contributed to this new idea, and paved the way for the cognitive-style therapies used today.
CPD credits: 0.5

Eating disorders: risk factors and clinical managementEating disorders: risk factors and clinical management

Eating disorders can have major psychological, physical and social sequelae with poor quality of life, high health burden and a high burden on families and other carers. The adverse physical consequences of dieting, weight loss and purging behaviours can sometimes prove fatal. In this CPD Online module you will learn about the risk factors associated with eating disorders, as well as the principles of treatment for adults with eating disorders, including physical risk management.
CPD credits: 1