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CPD Online is an e-learning resource provided by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The website contains a range of learning modules and podcasts that provide a flexible, interactive way of keeping up to date with progress in mental health. College members may use CPD Online for up to 25 CPD points in the UK. Access to the modules is through annual subscription, but we also offer a series of free modules for you to trial first.

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Recent modules and podcasts

Religiously prohibited ingredients in psychotropic medicationsReligiously prohibited ingredients in psychotropic medications

In this module, you will learn why religious and ethical laws or rules may prohibit the use of psychotropic medications if they contain certain animal-based derivatives. The module will equip you with the necessary background knowledge on different religions, vegetarianism and types of animal-based derivatives in medication to enable you to have an informed discussion with your patients.
CPD credits: 1

Podcast: Maurice Pappworth: the whistle blowerPodcast Maurice Pappworth: the whistle blower

Maurice Pappworth’s 1967 book Human Guinea Pigs famously uncovered shockingly unethical practices within the medical establishment, including experimentation on humans. In this podcast, Pappworth’s son-in-law, Sir Anthony Seldon, discusses the life and work of Pappworth and reveals how his late wife Joanna was inspired to write a biography of her father, reassessing the importance of Pappworth’s contribution to today’s medical ethics.
CPD credits: 0.5

Podcast Stick with it: the science behind lifestyle changePodcast Stick with it: the science behind lifestyle change

In this podcast, Professor Sean Young talks to Dr Raj Persaud about his bestselling book Stick With It, in which he analyses the science behind not just achieving our goals, but making lasting behaviour change. He argues that it is the process rather than the person that needs to change, and offers practical advice to help anyone successfully alter their actions and improve their lives.
CPD credits: 0.5

Quickbite: Complex PTSD in children and adolescentsQuickbite: Complex PTSD in children and adolescents

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is seen as a complicated adaptation to prolonged psychological trauma, which is interpersonal in nature. Given the high prevalence of abuse and neglect, clinicians will encounter children and young people who have experienced complex trauma in their clinical practice, and therefore need to be familiar with the relevant theory, assessment techniques and management. In this module, we will focus on the impact of complex PTSD in early childhood caused by abuse and neglect.
CPD credits: 0.5

Podcast: Buddhism and Stoicism: the secret to happiness?Podcast Buddhism and Stoicism: the secret to happiness?

In this podcast, existential psychotherapist Antonia Macaro talks to Dr Raj Persaud about Buddhist and Stoic philosophies, focusing on the elements that can have the biggest impact on modern life. Discussing the value we place on worldly possessions and the degree to which we concentrate on emotions, she argues that there is a great deal we can learn from these two philosophies, and much that may be better left behind.
CPD credits: 0.5

Podcast: The scientific story of first impressionsPodcast The scientific story of first impressions

To what extent are the judgements we make about people formed specifically from their facial appearance? How did this process evolve in human beings, what purpose does it serve, and what dangers could it pose? In this podcast, one of the world’s leading researchers on this subject, Professor Alexander Todorov, talks to Dr Raj Persaud about the science behind first impressions.
CPD credits: 0.5