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Call for papers: Is it time to modify the use of cut-offs for nutritional status in nutrition research?

Special Issue on "Anthropometric Cut-offs"

Submission Due Date: 28th February 2019

Dr Daniel J. Hoffman, Rutgers University
Professor Graham Burdge, University of Southampton

British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) seeks original manuscripts for a Special Issue on “Anthropometric Cut-offs” scheduled to appear in Winter 2019.

The use of cut-offs to define nutritional status has many historical and programmatic purposes.  For example, using height for age or weight for height cutoffs can be used to assess the prevalence of a nutritional deficiencies or evaluate program effectiveness through changes in trends of various conditions.  However, defining nutritional status, such as stunted, underweight, or overweight using programmatic cut-offs has become a norm for research in fetal and early childhood growth and may not always be the most rigorous means of studying factors or interventions that influence growth. In some instances, using standard cutoffs limits conclusions that may be of great scientific or public health importance, but are missed due to small sample sizes or effects. Thus, it is of interest to both academics and policy professionals to discuss potential alternatives to standard cutoffs, such as varying cutoffs or using continuous variables, in growth and nutrition research. This special issue of BJN will invite papers from leading scientists and program professionals who develop and/or use cutoffs for nutritional status in their work to present some of the rationale for continuing to use traditional cutoffs or innovative alternatives that better inform the fields of growth, nutrition, and public health.

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed and will be expected to meet the usual standards required for 
publication in the British Journal of Nutrition

Please submit your manuscript at and indicate that it is intended for 
inclusion in the Special Issue. 

Instructions for Authors can be found at

Please send informal enquiries to the Editors via

Please note that pre-submission enquiries are not required.

Deadline: 28th February 2019
Anticipated Issue publication date: Winter 2019